East End Long Island Outboard Motor Repair

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There are numerous outboard motor repair services in East End Long Island, NY. You could be cruising near busy Sag Harbor, NY or the quieter hamlet of Southold, NY and will not have trouble finding a marine mechanic. The real issue is finding the best outboard motor mechanic for your particular outboard motor. There is a large variety of outboard motor brands, including Evinrude, Mercury, Yamaha, Suzuki and Minn Kota, to name a few of the most popular ones. Each brand of outboard motor performs best when you use the manufacturer’s authorized parts for repairs and a marine mechanic certified to work on that particular brand.


When you use an online search service like Mariner Exchange when looking for outboard motor repair service shops in East End Long Island, NY, the first thing you will discover is that there are plenty of them. One of the ways to begin narrowing down your selection is to look first in the area where you live or where you moor your boat. If you live in Westhampton, NY, it is more convenient to find a boat repair shop or boat dealer who can provide the outboard motor maintenance and repair services in Westhampton, NY as opposed to East Hampton, NY 31 miles away.

Having said that, the most important point to keep in mind is that it is better to drive a little farther if that is what it takes to find the marine service shop that provides quality services. The top features to consider include the following.

  • Can troubleshoot a wide range of issues concerning your brand of outboard motor – Each brand requires a different skillset and different parts.
  • Provides reliable service – No one likes having to return to a service shop multiple times because a repair was not done correctly.
  • Professionally trained boat mechanics have current service training credentials – Expired certifications indicate the marine mechanic shop does not care about providing up-to-date services.
  • Quality and responsive customer service – Great customer service is a joy because it saves the customer time and money.

If you decide to wait on the maintenance or repair because you took the outboard motor to a marine mechanic some distance away, take some time out to enjoy the local area. East End Long Island, NY is an entertaining place. A marina like Brick Cover in the North Fork of Long Island offers a myriad of ways to entertain yourself during repairs, like an onsite oyster farm and beachfront views of Shelter Island.


Ever notice a lot of boat owners have outboard motors that are not “ancient,” but they have certainly seen a lot of time on the water. Check out Gardiners Bay, NY or North Fork, NY marinas, and feast your eyes on older outboard motors that still have plenty of nautical miles left in them. How do these boatowners manage to keep their outboard motors running without a hitch for literally decades?

The answer is: Regular maintenance is done and repairs are made quickly when a problem does occur. Many boat owners really have no mechanical skills. They can cruise the two bays of Peconic Bay, NY, located between the North Fork and South Fork of Long Island, NY, using excellent boating skills, but when the outboard motor sputters, the non-mechanic is not sure what to do and often ignores the odd noises and marine motor behavior as long as possible. One day the outboard motor quits while near Montauk, NY and the captain must call for assistance.

What kind of noises indicate you need to visit a marine mechanic who performs outboard motor repairs?

  • Following are some typical noises that customers report.
  • Grinding noise
  • Gets louder only at certain RPMs
  • Knocking and banging noises
  • Makes loud noise only when turning hard right or left
  • Whining noise
  • Sputtering noise and motor quits

Of course, when your outboard motor makes no noise and is not out of gas, it is time for some paddling or a tow. Many repairs become necessary due to lack of engine maintenance and not particularly due to engine age. For example, sputtering noises could indicate the plugs are fouled or a fuel filter is plugged. If you are not familiar with outboard engines, are not a mechanic or have a sophisticated newer outboard motor, let a marine mechanic keep you on the water in East End Long Island, NY with a humming outboard motor.