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rich d said:


Had a power head replaced at Accurate which seemed to go along with the usual delays of parts, unexpected issues... I had removed the lower cowl and when I asked Chip to put it on his response was "why can't you do it??" Had the boat transported to the marina and when I get on it I see that the cowl was damaged and epoxy just gooped on to repair it. I call Chip and ask him what happened to my boat and he had no clue what I was talking about. The mechanic cracked my cowl and never reported it. I also had them replace the tilt tube rod at the same time. Here it is 2 years after they work on my motor and have a major issue due to the shoddy work performed. When they installed the tilt tube rod and bull horns for the steering cylinder not one drop of grease was used. As a result the bull horns seized on the rod. While my mechanic was working on it he noticed that the 2 lower engine mounting bolts were backing out of the transom. They NEVER put the nuts on the 2 lower bolts holding the engine on!!!!! Chip is a slick talker but his work is HORRIBLE. Stay Away!!