East Hampton Outboard Motor Repair

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In many places of the country, it is difficult to find a qualified outboard motor marine mechanic. You cannot say that about East Hampton, NY. This town is located in busy East End Long Island, NY with access to great boating waters like Gardiners Bay and the Atlantic Ocean. You can find boat repair services in East Hampton, NY at a marina or at a local repair business, or you can search in nearby places like Southampton, NY or Montauk, NY on Gardiner’s Bay. It depends on the place you find most convenient to reach and where the most qualified outboard motor marine technician is found.

The question concerns how you narrow your list of motor repair businesses to those who will give you the best value.

  • Search online – Who you ask for referrals depends on how much time you want to invest in the search. The quickest way is to access the Mariner Exchange website which provides links to a variety of outboard motor maintenance and repair businesses in the area. You can also do a Google search, but getting business names in one place is much easier.
  • Ask for certification status – Assume you find a couple of motor marine mechanics in East Hampton, NY. Are they certified by the motor manufacturer or by the American Boat and Yacht Council (ABCY) or both? Certification indicates a mechanic who has kept technical skills updated. That saves you time and money because the mechanic’s knowledge and expertise lead to faster maintenance and repair turnaround time.
  • Ask marinas – One of the ways to find a good outboard motor repair service is to ask multiple marinas in the East Hampton area and see which business name is suggested the most often. That is a good indication customers are happy with the mechanic’s services. Expand your search area to include places like Sag Harbor and Hampton Bays. The more choices you have, the more likely you will find a marine technician you like. Even if your boat remains in the water most of the year, you can locate a maintenance and repair business that will send a mechanic to your boat to work on your outboard motor.


You can do some basic maintenance on your outboard motor to reduce the risk of a breakdown just as you prepare to dock at the boat-friendly Moby’s at East Hampton Point or The Dock House in Sag Harbor for some food. Following are examples of some DIY tasks.

  • Flush the motor after each trip to rid the line of any debris and sand
  • With the motor still running, disconnect the fuel line after flushing the engine to allow the engine to burn the fuel in the carburetor
  • Make sure the water pump is working properly and emitting a steady, full stream of water
  • Frequently check the fuel line for signs of wear-and-tear
  • Check the propeller for signs of damage and debris
  • Clean the outboard motor parts for signs of corrosion or other issues
  • Lubricate moving parts

Fifteen minutes of your time to maintain your outboard motor will certainly equate to less costly repairs. The DIY maintenance steps do not replace the periodic maintenance tasks that an East Hampton marine mechanic will do, like replacing the water pump impeller and doing a valve adjustment. Some things are best left to a professional.