Peconic Bay Outboard Motor Repair

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There are some great areas for boating and fishing, and Peconic Bay, NY is one of them. Made up of two bays divided by Robins Island, it has been called a boater’s paradise. Of course, paradise exists only when the outboard motor is running smoothly. When the outboard motor needs repair in Peconic Bay, NY, you can go back to cruising and fishing only after finding the best marine mechanic in the area. Fortunately, there are plenty of them, starting in Mattituck, NY.

Unless you like paddling a boat, the outboard motor is the key to enjoying the two bays called the Great Peconic Bay west of Robins Island and Little Peconic Bay in the east. These bays are sparkling gems in East End Long Island, NY that attract thousands of boaters each year, and keeping your outboard motor in good repair is important if you want to be one of them. How do you go about finding the ideal outboard marine mechanic? Following are some tips to get you started.

  • Ask local boat owners at the marina – If you moor your boat at a place like the Great Peconic Bay Marina in the North Fork of Long Island in South Jamesport, you can ask the marina personnel or the boat owners. Ideally, you will ask someone who has the same brand of the outboard motor, like a Mercury or Evinrude.
  • Ask the boat dealer – The dealership where you bought the outboard motor or a local dealer selling your brand of the outboard motor can give you recommendations. Visit the marine mechanics at a place like Strongs Water Club and Marina in Mattituck, and turn the trip into a special event by dining at the Windamere located at the water’s edge or by visiting one of the nearby nature preserves, like the North Fork Preserve. No one ever said having outboard motor repair work done must be stressful.
  • Search online – Doing an online search will give you plenty of leads. Instead of trying to decipher which business offers the specific services you need in a general area, use a resource like Mariner Exchange. It will show you a variety of businesses that service outboard motors. Even better, it will tell you how far the business is from Peconic Bay Blvd in Mattituck. For example, East Hampton, NY is approximately 18 miles away, while Southampton, NY is only seven miles away.


Sometimes, a certified outboard mechanic is difficult to understand because they have a language all their own. Your best approach is to ask the marine mechanic some basic questions. Following is a sample list of questions.

  • What type of diagnostic services do you provide to identify an outboard motor problem?
  • Is the marine mechanic who is doing the repair certified? If so, is it by the American Boat and Yacht Council (ABYC)?
  • Is the mechanic factory trained to work on the outboard motor?
  • What type of warranty is offered for repair work?
  • Can you perform the repairs at the marina? (if you have large outboard motors, and the boat is moored)
  • What kind of customer service do you provide, i.e. written estimates before work starts; repair status notifications via text, email or phone call; transparency about additional work needed, etc.
  • Do you have a record of adhering to your service timeline schedule? (verify the answer by checking online customer reviews of the business)

Do not hesitate to ask any question you want an answer to. A quality outboard motor repair business is always willing to discuss the repair work with customers. If the business hems and haws about things like schedules and the current status of marine mechanic certifications, it is time to find a different marine mechanic.