New York City Outboard Motor Repair

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Almost any boat repair shop will be able to repair outboard motors. In recent years, the proliferation of outboard engines has far exceeded any other type of boat motor, so there are plenty of outboard mechanics to meet the service demand. Boat dealerships that have outboard motors for sale also tend to provide outboard motor repair services, but during the boating season, boat dealerships are often too busy and can’t repair your outboard engine for weeks. However, there are many qualified boat mechanics and outboard mechanics in the New York area that are not affiliated with a boat dealership. When you’re looking for an outboard mechanic, keep the following in mind:

  • Ask the manufacturer for recommendations. If you have a Yamaha outboard, and the dealer can’t service your engine for a few weeks, you should call Yamaha customer service and get a recommendation for another outboard mechanic. The same goes for Mercury outboards, Evinrude outboards, Honda outboards, or any other manufacturer. Outboard engine manufacturers want to make sure you keep buying their engines and parts, so they are motivated to help you find the best outboard mechanics.

  • Word of mouth and online research are critical. Start your search online with a resource like Mariner Exchange that can point you in the direction of rated and reviewed outboard mechanics in New York. The boat dealership, your marina, and your friends that have similar engines may also have good recommendations for boat repair shops and outboard motor mechanics. Your marina may have a boat mechanic in house, but don’t be afraid to look outside the marina as well where you can find some cheaper (but still high quality) boat mechanics.

  • Look for manufacturer certifications. Outboard motor manufacturers offer certification courses for repairing their engines. Japanese manufactured engines like Yamaha outboards and Honda outboard tend to require a slightly different skill set than an Evinrude outboard. Before hiring an outboard mechanic, make sure that he is certified with the manufacturer of your outboard engine.

  • Look further out on Long Island. Not surprisingly, most of the boating occurs around Long Island. Basically, the further you go towards Montauk, the more boat repair shops and outboard mechanics you’re going to find. Manhasset, Sag Harbor, and Montauk are all known for having good quality outboard motor repair shops.


Annual boat motor repair and maintenance in the New York area should not cost more than $175. Regular maintenance will mitigate costly outboard motor repairs. Major outboard motor repair in the New York area can cost up to $800 depending on the manufacturer of the outboard engine and the severity of the issue. Here are some tips for keeping costs down:

  • Don’t just rely on the boat dealer. Boat dealerships have a lot of overhead costs - costs that the dealership passes on to you through increased fees for outboard motor repair. There are a lot of outboard mechanics out there that may be much cheaper and more available than the dealer. When looking for an outboard mechanic, be sure to ask for referrals and check for outboard engine repair certifications.

  • Is the outboard mechanic traveling to you? Boat repair can often be done right on your boat lift and the same is true for outboard motor repairs, which means that the boat mechanic will be traveling to you. Before you hire him, be sure to ask the outboard mechanic if he charges for travel, and if so, how far he’s traveling to repair your outboard engine.

  • If you know outboard engines, buy the parts yourself. If you’re a gearhead and can diagnose the issue with your outboard motor, then you can save tons of money by buying the parts yourself. There are tons of new and used parts you can buy online for Yamaha outboards, Honda outboards, Mercury outboards, Evinrude outboards, or any other type of outboard engine you have. Warning: the older your outboard motor is, the more expensive and harder to find the parts will be. The age of your outboard motor also narrows the field of potential outboard mechanics that can actually perform the repair.


Here are some tips for outboard engine maintenance so that you can avoid getting stuck in the boat repair shop.

  • Spark plugs. If your outboard motor isn’t starting, is burning too much fuel, or is revving too slowly, you should check the spark plugs and change if necessary.

  • Make sure the impeller is in good condition. Your outboard engine is cooled by water which is brought into the engine by the water pump impeller. The impeller gets a lot of wear and tear in both salt and freshwater environments. The impeller should be changed at least once every two years if not every year.

  • Clean fuel will keep your engine happy. Debris and water can easily get into your fuel, so make sure to change your fuel at the start of the boating season after the boat has been sitting all winter. Fuel polishing services can clean your fuel as well if you have larger outboard motors and a larger boat.

  • Change your oil. This rule is no different from your car - change the oil filter when necessary and make sure to change the oil regularly.