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337 Hwy 36, Middletown, NJ 7748

Joe H said:


Pete Morales and his team of expert mechanics (all commercial jet certified). Are the only mechanics I would allow to work on my boat. They are the best.

Eric L said:


I called All American Mobile Marine to come work on my boat at my marina, I was advised to remove the boat from the water and bring it to his shop. The shop owner advised me this would allow for ease of repairs as well as allow him to work on it during rainy days. He advised me to bring the boat IMMEDIATELY. I promptly removed the boat from the water and brought it to the shop. This was Wednesday June 10th. Upon arrival the gentleman that I spoke with was not there and they told me to leave the boat. I spoke with the owner on the phone that day and he advised me he would have the diagnosis completed by Friday June 12th. As of June 13th I had not spoken with him therefore I called him. I was advised that he was unable to get to my boat however it would be the first boat in the shop that day. As of five days later (June 17th) I still had not heard from him. Again I called and he stated he has not completed the diagnosis and would know what the issue was by Friday June 19th. On Saturday June 20th there was still no word from the shop. I called again and asked what the hold up was. He advised me that he was unable to work on it due to rain, keep in mind he has an enclosed shop in which he told me he could work in the rain. The owner immediately became irate with me and began cursing, yelling and name calling. The owner then hung up on me. He then called me back immediately and advised me to come pick up my piece of s**** boat, that he did not want to work on my boat anyway. The whole time yelling and cursing at me calling me profanities. Extremely unprofessional, I would never recommend this shop or services to anyone! Don't be fooled by his good rates, spend a little extra money and bring it to a professional shop who will actually follow through with their word.