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157 Pilot St, Bronx, NY 10464

Ken S said:


$1,000 for a bottom clean and a thermostat change only to find out a half hour sail away the overheating problem still existed. Also changed the new oil in the motor for no reason. Not done on time. The only good part of the experience was that they were friendly.

Harry A said:


I was on way down south when I hit something and damaged my running gear. I had the boat repaired by Wes and Pip and was impressed with the speed and professionalism of the yard. They got my boat repaired and underway in a Jiffy and for a reasonable price! Wes was able to fix a vibration that we have had for years that no one else could seem to figure out! Consolidated is a working yard where they actually know how to repair your boat.

Pavel K said:


All I hear on City Island is "Stay AWAY from Consolidated!" I wish I had heard that before they ripped me off: I asked them to make new life-lines for me and asked for an estimated price, after long calculation they said $300-$400. The life-lines were ready for me in a few days, with a bill for something around $750. Since I had no idea that time about what should it cost and the guy who did the work seemed to be nice and honest (and I still believe that he is the only one honest out of the people I have dealt with in that marina). After I tried to install the life-lines on my boat, I found out that all the lines were too long, despite they measured the length at the spot themselves and charged me for that time. (Later a friend explained me that the right length can be inferred just from the length of the old cables after compensating for their stretch; besides you can get all done in West Marine store for a fraction of the price.) Then they kept promising me to fix it and give me free parts from old boats. They would always promise something and then found an excuse to postpone it. They won't call me at arranged time, instead I always needed to come to their marina to hear another excuse. I find their acting very arrogant, instead of trying to be helpful they would make me ignorant. I have heard stories from other people who got ripped off at Consolidated - I recommend to avoid that place unless you want to get a lesson!

Rosie K said:


I kept my boat at Consolidated and used them for repair work. They are expensive for dock fees (especially given how rustic their bathrooms and facilities are), but they are a true rip-off for repairs. I had an expensive insurance claim that I brought to Wes for an estimate. I submitted the estimate with the claim and the insurance company paid up promptly. The repair took literally twice as long to complete as projected (keeping me out of the water for most of a sailing season), and came in about 30% over the estimated amount. I assumed Wes would cover the difference, but he insisted on charging me for his incorrect estimate. So even though my damage was fully covered by my insurance, Wes charged me thousands of dollars more than the insurance paid, and I ended up having to pay out of pocket. The quality of work was poor as well and parts had to be re-done, again, at my expense. I moved my boat out of Consolidated and would never do business with them again.