Staten Island Outboard Motor Repair

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Finding the best outboard motor repair shop in Staten Island, NY means finding the best mechanic for the particular type of motor needing servicing or repair. Some marine mechanics are generalists in that they can service and repair a variety of outboard motor brands, while others specialize. You may want an outboard motor repair business as close to your boat’s location as possible, whether it is at your home, a storage facility or a marina. The good news is that Staten Island, NY is in between Long Island and New Jersey, giving you many options.


When you search for outboard motor repair, remember to check for places in all three areas: Staten Island, Long Island and New Jersey. Following are some tips to help you find the best boat motor mechanic.

  • Search online for outboard motor repair services - There are several approaches. One is to do a general search using keywords like “best outboard motor repair in Staten Island.” Another approach is to visit a website where people can leave reviews about businesses they used, like Yelp or YP (Yellow Pages). An even simpler and quicker strategy is to visit the Mariner Exchange website where you can input the type of service you want, in this case “outboard motor,” and the location, making it easy to locate marine repair services in New York and New Jersey, like Island Park, NY and Clark, NJ. For many boaters, the nearest options are in New Jersey if they live on the east side of Staten Island, near Fresh Kills Park in the south or Mariner’s March Park in the north.
  • Ask for references - While many people first use a search engine to locate outboard motor repair services in Staten Island, you can also find the best mechanic the old-fashioned way – getting references from friends, family or other boatowners. Visit a Staten Island marina and ask around. Boat owners are famous for quickly offering recommendations for boat repair services or sharing the names of places to stay away from. If you want to turn the quest into entertainment, take a jaunt to a place like Prince’s Bay, Staten Island where you can talk to people mooring many boats with outboard motors at slips at the Prince Bay Boatmen’s Association.
  • Check with the manufacturer or dealership - There are other sources to access. They include the outboard motor manufacturer and the boat dealership where you purchased the motor. You want to find a certified marine technician for your outboard motor brand, even if you must travel farther to access the repair service. In the long run, it will save you time and money to get the job done right in, for example South Shore of Long Island, by a factory trained technician rather than utilize a marine mechanic who is closer but who has not stayed current on the manufacturer’s recommendations for servicing and parts. This is true for all brands – Mercury, Yamaha, Honda, Starcraft Marine, Volvo Penta, Evinrude and others. In fact, newer state-of-the-art outboard motors are more complex and high-tech compared to older models. They have features like electronic vessel control and require specialized replacement parts and mechanic’s tools. You may have to take the motor 30 miles to Freeport, NY or 50 miles away to Bay Shore, NY to get the best service.


An outboard motor repair may actually refer to repairs, annual routine servicing, winterization or motor rebuilding. Of course, the cost will depend on what the repair involves. Rebuilding an outboard motor in Peconic Bay, NY or Huntington, NY may cost $2,500, whereas routine annual maintenance is usually less than $175. If you need full service, including replacing impellers, the repair cost could jump to $1,000. The annual maintenance expense is certainly worth the small amount compared to a major repair. The same is true for the cost of winterization which is inexpensive compared to a motor damaged by water freezing or dirty fuel.

Note that some boat repair shops are not at marinas or on the water. For example, you might find a repair shop in the Port Richmond neighborhood area on Staten Island. Many boat owners choose to do their own repairs to save money. The same advice applies concerning the best way to locate a reputable marine mechanic who sells factory authorized parts for do-it-yourself outboard motor repair.


Quite honestly, one way to avoid overpaying for repairs or parts is to read the reviews customers have posted online. You want to find a business that has certified mechanics for your engine brand, but you also want a business that provides excellent customer service. It is frustrating to take an outboard motor to a mechanic and get overcharged for excessive time or find yourself talking to a parts department employee who is not knowledgeable.