Long Island Outboard Motor Repair

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There you are: enjoying your boating trip in the Long Island, NY area and your outboard motor starts acting up. You can sputter your way to Great South Bay or Northport Bay or other places where marinas can help, depending on where you are boating on Long Island. Fortunately, there are many outboard mechanics located throughout Long Island, so finding a repair shop is often not difficult. What does get difficult is finding a motor repair business during boating season that is not backlogged with jobs already. If your boat is kept on the water at a marina, and you can get back to home port, you probably know how to get a repair done without having to pull the motor off by getting a marine technician to repair your motor or outboard engine at the dock. If you trailer your boat, you can find many outboard motor repair options along the north and south coastlines of Long Island, or you can find outboard repair services inland. Preparing for the unexpected is always important when you run any kind of engine, and outboard motors are no different. Following are a few tips.

  • Always have an outboard motor repair service you can contact. The time to find a marine mechanic is not when you are desperate for assistance. Long Island covers a lot of territory – 118 miles to be exact. Before you put your boat in the water, it is always good to have a marine mechanic check out your motor, and from that point on there is a customer relationship established. It could be an outboard motor service in Lindenhurst or a boat dealership in Sayville, for example.
  • If you are not sure where to find the most convenient marine mechanic, use a resource like the Mariner Exchange website. You can select a service in a particular area or city and state and get numerous results for marine dealerships, marinas, and repair places. In this case, you can start with Long Island, NY, but you also have the option of narrowing the search by entering a specific town or hamlet, like Oyster Bay or Locust Valley.
  • Getting recommendations is another popular strategy for finding a marine mechanic. While you are docked at Ocean Bay Park or Watch Hill and enjoying a great meal at a local restaurant, ask people you come in contact with who they recommend for motor repair. One of the nice aspects of boating in a popular recreational area is that many of the people own boats and can share their experiences with marinas and boat repair businesses. Of course, you can also ask your friends, neighbors, and family members to make recommendations.


Averting the need for emergency outboard motor repairs is the best plan. Many motor repairs could be avoided if you adhere to a maintenance plan. Preventive maintenance plans ideally include some do-it-yourself tasks plus annual maintenance performed by a certified marine mechanic. Preventive maintenance covers a wide swath of tasks like:

  • Tune-ups – Periodic tune-ups keep your outboard motor operating smoothly.
  • Diagnostics – A marine mechanic can diagnose the motor with the proper equipment and prevent the need for unnecessary expensive repairs at a later time. Sometimes, it is better to spend a little now to save a lot later.
  • Oil change – The importance of using the proper oil cannot be overestimated. Changing it every 100 hours or a minimum of once a year will extend the life of your motor.

A helpful motor mechanic would be happy to show you some basic maintenance you can do in between your visits to the Long Island repair business or the mechanics visits to your marina. The mechanic can also explain some of the signs of problems you need to address, like a clogged fuel filter causing the motor to act erratically. When you visit places like Huntington Bay or Port Washington, NY, it should always be for the right reason – boating entertainment and not for a desperate search for outboard motor repairs.