Miami Boat Diesel Engine Repair

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Here are a couple tips that will save you time and money on marine diesel engine repairs. These tips call for more consistent upkeep of your boat’s engine, but will prevent major issues and costly boat repairs down the road:

  1. Consistent maintenance and repairs: Have a certified diesel boat motor mechanic do regular (at least annual) maintenance and repairs of your engine.

  2. Pay attention to the sound of your engine: The sound indicates if the cylinders are firing correctly and if your cooling system is working properly. If the engine sounds different, you should get it checked immediately.

  3. Clean your fuel and fueling system: Clean fuel is critical to marine diesel engine maintenance. Dirt or water in the fuel can destroy fuel injectors and your engine's internal combustion process.

  4. Clean your air filters: The air filter keeps dirt and debris out of the engine. A clogged filter will cause your engine to lose power and burn more fuel.

  5. Check your turbocharger: Make sure your turbocharger doesn’t turn easily when the engine is turned off. If it does, replace it.

  6. Check the oil: You should have adequate levels of oil in the engine and the oil should be changed regularly. Oil with a clunky consistency is way overdue for a change and oil with a creamy color means it has water in it and should be changed immediately.

  7. Check your cooling system: Make sure water is coming out of the engine. If not, check the sea strainer, heat exchanger, hoses and other components of the cooling system.

Number 1 is the most important and should keep you out of trouble!


Rebuilding your boat’s diesel engine may be more cost effective than doing a full marine engine repower. However, you need to be conscious of what parts are being replaced if you plan to rebuild. Very often, the following parts are not replaced: Water Pump, Alternator, Starter.

If you are going to rebuild your boat’s diesel engine, make sure your diesel boat motor mechanic checks the viability and durability of these crucial parts. Otherwise, you may complete a costly rebuild and then end up having to do a full repower anyway. The parts named above are some of the more critical ones but your diesel boat motor mechanic should check and replace any existing parts that have approached the end of their life span.

The downside to rebuilding your boat’s diesel engine is that you will miss out on the latest technological advances put out by manufacturers. Your boat’s diesel engine will also not be covered by a manufacturer warranty. Of course, every boater would like to save money on maintenance whenever possible and doing a diesel engine rebuild should be more cost efficient if done correctly.


Whether you’re looking for a marine diesel mechanic for simple repairs or a full boat repair shop for a complex rebuild, cost is a critical element. If you’re rebuilding your engine, we recommend you consider the 40% rule. If the cost to rebuild your boat’s diesel engine equals 40% of what it would cost to repower your boat, then you may want to consider a repower instead. A marine diesel engine rebuild could cost anywhere from $800 to $3,000 depending on the manufacturer and the age of the engine. Minor repairs in South Florida will cost you anywhere from $300 to $700 depending on the project. For older marine diesel engines, many of the parts have been discontinued by the manufacturer and thus are harder and more expensive to track down.


Selecting the right boat motor mechanic to repair your engine is critical. You should do your research online and ask other boaters you know for referrals. When asking other boaters for referrals, be sure to ask them what kind of diesel engine they have and ask about the extent of the repairs to make sure the work is comparable. The Boat Diesel Engine Repair page on Mariner Exchange is a good place to start researching online. Be sure to look at a marine diesel mechanic’s website for examples of challenging repairs they’ve completed in the past. Also, look to see if your boat mechanic has certifications from the American Boat and Yacht Council (ABYC) or another boat building standards organization. In South Florida, it’s also a great sign of trust if your boat mechanic is a member of the Marine Industries Association of South Florida. Areas in South Florida with a high concentration of good quality marine diesel mechanics include: Fort Lauderdale, Boca Raton, Stuart, Miami, Jupiter, Palm Beach, Pompano Beach, Dania Beach, and several others. Fort Lauderdale and Miami have some of the larger boat repair shops if you need major work done and have a large boat.