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3330 SW 2nd Ave., Ft Lauderdale, FL 33315

Guy C said:


Having been in the boating industry for over 25 years, with 8 years as a licensed captain and the last 13 years as a licensed Chief Engineer, I have gathered the knowledge to recognize good service and technical ability, and Freddy Quintero employs both at the highest level. I have had the opportunity to work with Freddy on more than one occasion and, whatever the duration of the job, Freddy has displayed his technical knowledge in a very helpful, personable and straight forward way that will keep your customers happy and coming back. Additionally, during a recent exhaust overhaul, I experienced the customer service skills any boat / business owner can appreciate and will remember far into the future. Freddy was not only very patient over the phone, but he also followed up with regular status reports and had a genuine sense of care and involvement that is very rare in a “hard knocks” business that we are concerned with and I respect him for that. In closing, I don’t know what Freddy’s record is at DeAngelo Exhaust, i.e. whether he has saved monies or made outstanding sales, but I can only imagine it is outstanding. He gives me a great impression of your company’s integrity.

Dan F said:


Jorge and the DeAngelo team upgraded our exhaust system, and the result is much better than the original. We particularly appreciated the choice of Inconel metal for our exhaust mixer, which will greatly extend the unit’s life.