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Air Conditioning, Carbon Fiber/Composite Repairs, Carpentry, Decking, Detailing, Diesel Engine, Electrical, Exhaust Systems, Fiberglass, Furniture, General Rigging, General Services, Haul Out, Hydraulics, Inboard Engine, Metal Fabrication, Paint, Propellers, Propulsion Systems, Pumps, Refinish/Varnish, Refit, Refrigeration, Sandblasting/Sodablasting, Shipyard, Storage, Thrusters, Towing, Water Makers, Waxing, Welding, Winterization, Yacht Management, Outboard Motor


- RMK Merrill-Stevens is the oldest ship and yacht repair company in Florida, established in 1885 - RMK Merrill-Stevens is under new ownership and new management - Open to outside contractors and providing on-site trades for welding/fabrication, paint and refinishing, fiberglass/gelcoat, mechanical & electrical etc. - 70T travel lift capable of hauling vessels up to approx.. 75’ - 500T travel lift capable of hauling vessels up to approx. 160’ - Coming Soon: 2,700T shiplift capable of hauling vessels up to approx. 235’ - On-site storage, work-shops, captain and vessel manager offices - Covered berths available - Transient berths available - Hurricane storage available - Located near Miami international airport and Biscayne Bay - Stabilizer service & installation - Underwater light repair and installation - Fjord authorized service and warranty center. ** Call today to find out about great low summer rates for maintenance, repair and refit!


881 NW 13th Avenue, Miami, FL 33134

George L said:


As a yacht captain, I can tell you first hand that working with RMK is a pleasure. Whenever we need any major work done, such as paint, engine overhaul, or structural work we wait until we are in the Miami area to get it done at RMK. I personally know other captains that will come from all over the world to tackle certain projects

Eddie B said:


Oldest and most respected shipyard in miami. We keep our Bavaria here and have had more work done to it than I can recall. They have the major overhaul capabilities but we have not had to do a refit or anything like that. Most people only write reviews about the big jobs but I'd like to commend RMK for their preventive maintenance. They are good at consistent care which is likely why we haven't had to do major work on the boat.

Levi W said:


RMK is as good as it gets. Clean. Professional. Timely. If you have a serious boat and can afford it, I'd strongly recommend bringing it here for anything service related and letting Aaron and the team take care of it.

Allison L said:


Customer service is outstanding and workmanship is second to none. The swim platform they installed is beautiful and puts the manufacturer to shame.

Adam G said:


RMK is the top of the top in lauderdale. They got new ownership and really revamped everything. I don't go here for everything as it's on the high end but if we are doing major work it's always on the short list.