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43466 N Interstate 94 Service Dr, Belleville, MI 48111

Joe S said:


WARNING # UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCE BRING YOUR BOAT TO THIS RIP-OFF !!!!! I don't even know where to start, but some of the highlights of my boat repair service??? include but are not limited to the following . 1) Costly misdiagnosis $104.50 of no idle problem- suggested $980 tune-up-without ever acutally diagnosis the boat/ unecessary 2) After some heated discussion and additional cost $45 more dollars they actually diagnosed my boat with the scanner, and my suggestion that it needed an IAC motor was correct- this after 1 week of sitting there at the end of august and of course the end of boating season. 3) So I spent $400 so I could pick my boat back up and fix it myself. 4)Just to be certain that they continued with there unprofessional and dishonest repair procedures they left my boat uncovered during an explosive rain storm and wrapped it back up so it was all moldy and filthy when I picked it up. 5) TO be clear they lied about this too!!! They said that they had done me the service of unwrapping the boat and taking a garden hose to the carpeted and plush interior of my Cobalt boat before they put the cover back on a gesture to clean up after themselves???? I am a small business owner and have made mistakes myself, plenty of them- But this is something different, it was dishonest in practice from the very start- No mistake here- they did just what they always do.