Fort Lauderdale Outboard Motor Repair

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Some people are just lucky, like the boaters in Fort Lauderdale, FL. When checking a resource like Mariner Exchange with its links to local marine mechanics, you quickly realize there are hundreds of outboard motor mechanics in Fort Lauderdale and the surrounding cities and communities, including Pompano Beach, Hollywood, Lighthouse Point, and Deerfield Beach, to name just a few. One of the nice things about so many outboard motor repair services located in the area is they are competitive. Each one wants your business, but not every mechanic is a good fit in terms of meeting your needs. There is no need to be shy about asking questions that you want answers to because the marine repair shop is in business to provide customer service. Following is a laundry list of questions.

  • How long have you been in business?
  • How long the repair will take?
  • Is there a warranty period on the repair?
  • Are the mechanics certified by the American Boat and Yacht Council (ABYC) and/or factory certified?
  • Do you provide mobile service?
  • Will the repair estimate include a detailed breakdown?
  • How do you diagnose outboard motor problems?
  • Do you use factory authorized parts?
  • What will I owe if the outboard motor cannot be repaired?
  • How much experience does the marine technician have?
  • Do your mechanics have experience with my outboard motor model?
  • Do you have packages that will save me money if I sign a contract and agree to periodic and annual maintenance?

You can pick and choose the questions you want answers to. You do not have to ask every question. But when you have a marine mechanic maintain or repair your outboard motor, it should be with confidence you selected a reliable, experienced, qualified technician and have a full understanding of what to expect.


Known for its beaches like Dania Beach and Fort Lauderdale Beach and more than 165 miles of canals that earned the city the nickname “Venice of America,” the boating options seem endless. Your boat is your means of access, so you need an outboard motor running smoothly and reliably. Maintaining your outboard motor means you will not have to miss a day of boating because the ocean happens to be too rough. Instead, you can travel through the deep canals and head to places like the Von D. Mizell-Eula Johnson State Park which contains a sheltered area called Whiskey Creek.

Following are some guidelines for ensuring you have a choice of waterways when you are ready to go boating in Fort Lauderdale.

  • It is highly advisable to develop a working relationship with an outboard motor repair business because you never know when you will need repairs.
  • Never skip the 20-hour, 100-hour, and 300-hour maintenance service delivered by a marine mechanic because historical data has proven these are critical usage times. An even better service schedule is to service the outboard motor every 100 hours of use.
  • Never ignore indications your outboard motor is developing a problem because the sooner you address it, the greater the chance you can save money and time and maybe your outboard motor (no one enjoys an expensive outboard engine rebuild).
  • Learn to do basic maintenance tasks on your outboard motor, and follow-through by maintaining a routine, i.e. after each use check for corrosion, leakages, oil level, etc.

Always have a professional outboard motor mechanic do annual maintenance. This step alone can keep your outboard motor operating smoothly for many years without needing any major repairs. If you have any concerns, be sure to mention them to the mechanic. That annoying sporadic outboard motor sputtering at times is your outboard motor talking to you.

Boating in Fort Lauderdale is sheer entertainment. Not only can you boat the Atlantic Ocean and Fort Lauderdale canals, but you can also enjoy doing things like dock-and-dine, stopping for a big plate of seafood at some of the local restaurants. All this is only possible as long as you rigorously maintain your outboard motor, and let a professional marine mechanic keep your outboard motor in excellent condition.