Delray Beach Outboard Motor Repair

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There are marine mechanics, and then there are marine mechanics you can trust to be honest while providing high-quality customer service. Delray Beach, FL is in an excellent location for locating an outboard motor repair service that meets those qualifications. Like nearby places that include Boynton Beach, FL and Lantana, FL, Delray Beach has plenty of marinas and marine shops offering outboard motor repair and maintenance services. Following are some tips for identifying a trusted marine mechanic.

  • Honesty about the outboard motor repairs and repair costs is one of the most important qualities a marine mechanic can have. Honesty extends beyond an accurate cost quote for identified repairs. An honest marine mechanic will help you prioritize the repairs to fit your budget without sacrificing your safety on the water.
  • A trusted mechanic will give you an honest assessment of the condition of your outboard motor. If he or she says you can expect to need an outboard motor overhaul or replacement within a couple of years, you can rely on the advice given.
  • Whether you find a marine mechanic in Delray Beach, FL or outside the area in Deerfield Beach, or even farther away in Fort Lauderdale, the mechanic’s certification is important. You may find a Delray Beach marine mechanic has a backlog of work, but fortunately, there are outboard motor repair shops along Highway 1, inland on Interstate 95, and even further inland near places not far from the Delray Beach Golf Club. A certification by the American Boat and Yacht Council (ABCY) is one of the top certifications a marine mechanic can earn. There are also factory certification courses that outboard motor mechanics complete. You should try to find a marine technician who is factory-certified to repair and maintain the outboard engine you own. Certified mechanics are some of the most trusted outboard mechanics because they normally are strict about keeping up-to-date with changing outboard motor technology.

Check the many marinas and marine repair shops on Mariner Exchange for Delray Beach, FL to simplify finding an outboard motor mechanic you can trust. You will find dozens of businesses with customer reviews.


Routine outboard motor maintenance is not difficult to perform but can make the difference between boating along the coast around the Delray Public Beach or Gulfstream Park areas or sitting on a docked boat waiting for a traveling marine mechanic. Some tips to keep your outboard motor in good condition follow.

  • Always check your outboard motor after every use. The “I’ll do it later” plan means you are probably giving corrosion a head start after using your boat in saltwater or a cracked hose a chance to leak more. Some people spray all the moving parts with a hydrophobic solution that can protect outboard motor moving parts above and below the waterline.
  • Use a fuel treatment, but make sure you use the right kind of fuel for your outboard motor. A two-stroke and four-stroke outboard motor need premium unleaded fuel. Delray Beach marinas sell this kind of fuel. If you store your boat for a period of time or do not use your boat for a while, take note that fuel does deteriorate. Old fuel needs to be drained and replaced.
  • Always use high-quality products the marine mechanic recommends. The marine technician suggests the products for two reasons. They are best for your type of outboard motor when it comes to boosting performance and minimizing potential damage due to things like bad fuel and corrosion. The products also have a proven track record for keeping the outboard engine in good condition.

There are all kinds of places to go boating in and near Delray Beach, FL, but most boaters will cruise or fish in saltwater sometimes. Who can resist the brilliant Atlantic waters and great fishing along the coast? Saltwater presents new maintenance challenges, like preventing corrosion. However, being diligent in checking your outboard motor after each use and letting a trusted outboard motor marine mechanic perform annual maintenance and quality repairs will ensure you enjoy your engine for years to come.