Norfolk Boat Diesel Engine Repair

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Best Diesel Engine Service by Town in Norfolk

Marine Diesel Engine Repair in Norfolk

How much do marine diesel engine repairs cost?

The cost of repairing your boat’s diesel engine can vary greatly depending on what you need and where you go. Minor repairs can be as low as $300 while a full rebuild can cost up to $4000 depending on how old your engine is and the parts you need. Mechanics will usually mark up the price if purchasing the parts for you, so finding the parts you need yourself can be a great start to saving money. If your engine is too old, however, parts you need may not be manufactured anymore, making them extremely expensive or hard to find. If this is the case, it’s best to simply upgrade to a new engine. Of course, different service shops will offer different prices that come alongside different qualities of work. In general, larger shops with more professional experience will have higher prices, but it’s worth the expense if you care about the longevity of your engine. Repair shops that offer the cheapest rates tend to cut corners and do the job improperly. You may think you're getting a deal, but in reality you will be back to the shop a lot sooner to fix whatever it is they missed or messed up.

How to find the best marine diesel repair services in Norfolk

The first step is to identify your needs and your budget. Based on that, you can find which service shop will be best suited for you. Norfolk, being situated on the Elizabeth river, is home to many marine repair shops. Virginia Beach, only 30 minutes away and right on the coast, has even more options if you’re willing to go a little farther. The trick is narrowing them all down to the best for you. The Marine Exchange website is a great place to start. Marine Exchange allows you to see the top rated shops in the area, as well as the services they offer and customer reviews. Another great resource is other boaters. If you have friends or know other boaters in the area, chances are they have gone through the same experience as you and can refer you to a suitable service shop.

Marine Diesel​ Maintenance Tips

Taking the proper care of your engine and doing small and frequent maintenance repairs on your own can go a long way in limiting how often you need professional service. Some simple and helpful tips include:

Lubricate your engine. Make sure to lubricate any moving parts when storing your boat for long periods of time. - Check your oil. Check your oil periodically and change the oil filter if needed. - Clean fuel lines. Dirt or water in your fuel line can be detrimental to your engine. - Clean air filters. Another important part that keeps your engine clean and operating smoothly. - Listen to your engine. The sound of your engine will indicate how smoothly the cylinders are firing. If it sounds off, get your engine checked immediately.