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Locally owned and operated by dedicated fisherman and avid boaters with over 30 years combined offshore and inshore fishing experience. We know what it takes to handle the bay and offshore waters. The boats we carry are the best in their class. Come by and meet us, take a demo ride and see why you owe it to yourself to own the best. Virginia Beach Boats Quality Boats for Those Who Want the Best! Call 757-962-8710 or stop by our location at Marina Shores Sales & Brokerage Virginia Beach Boats is a dealership specializing in high quality new fishing boats. If it is the best offshore express boat you'll love the Carolina Classic lineup from 25-35 ft. If you want the best offshore fishing boat in a center console style we have a full line of Cape Horn Boats. If your thinking about a center console boat you owe it to yourself to add Cape Horn to your list. We carry an extensive brokerage inventory of all types of boats from skiffs, to ski boats, to cruisers, and every type of fishing boat there is. Full Service At Virginia Beach Boats, we are committed to service after the sale. We service everything we sell and we even offer mobile service.Gas or diesel we can do it all no job too big or too small. We are Cummins & Yanmar Dealers. In addition we have a staff of certified mechanics for Yamaha, Evinrude, Johnson, Mercury, Mercruiser, Yanmar, Detroit just to name a few you'll always be covered. Shrink Wrapping Virginia Beach Boats offers on site or mobile shrink wrapping services. Perfect for winter storage open the boat in the spring with no mess or just to protect the boat for transport. We Also Do Commercial Shrink Wrapping! Any need big or small we have you covered. Electronics our team has over 25 years experience & can provide you with the knowledge and customer service it takes to design, install and service all major brands of electronics at competitive rates


2100 Marina Shores Drive, Virginia Beach, VA 23451

Allyn Z said:


It's weird that usually when you go to a business and pay them to preform a service or task that they either 1) compete the task or 2) don't charge you for it. Not the case for Virginia beach boats. I started the project with this company late November and by July it's was not completed. Not by lack of effort, but lack of competence. They had no idea how to fix the problem and when they brought in an expert to help them figure out what they didn't know they didn't take his advise. After I payed thousands of dollars for this uncompleted project to this company. They just gave up and stopped trying to fix it, stopped calling, stopped caring in hopes I would just forget. NEVER FINISHED. For 3 months they held a key part that needed to be sent back to the manufacturer due to it being "inoperable" and when I finally hired the other expert to finish the job I found that 1) they never sent the piece back to be fixed and 2) the piece worked fine the entire time they just didn't know how to put it together. Worst experience ever

Daniel M said:


Slow and nonresponsive. Take your boat to Scott and say goodbye to the rest of the season. These guys suck.