Fort Myers Boat Diesel Engine Repair

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Boat Diesel Engine Repair in Fort Myers, FL

Fort Myers, FL is one of those place where boating and fishing are top recreational activities. It’s not surprising because of its location. The city of Fort Myers is situated on the Caloosahatchee River, approximately 100 miles southeast of Tampa. A bit southwest on the opposite shore of the river is Cape Coral. Keep your marine diesel engine humming and continue cruising down the estuary, and there is some of the most beautiful islands, beaches and wide open Gulf of Mexico waters you can find. The only thing that can mar the beauty is an engine that quits humming and starts groaning and needs a boat diesel engine mechanic in Fort Myers, FL, and you are not sure where to go.


What can go wrong with a marine diesel engine? That is a loaded question because the answer is “plenty”! A marine diesel engine is designed to tolerate abuse, but like every engine, it can breakdown or fail, especially if you chose to do your own engine maintenance (oops…the truth hurts sometimes). There you are cruising near Sanibel Island and considering a visit to the Darling National Wildlife when just getting to the nearest marina and avoid being stranded on the water becomes the goal. Fortunately, this is an area where boating rules, so you can find numerous diesel engine mechanics in Fort Myers, on Sanibel Island and on nearby St. James City on Pine Island. If you need to get your disabled boat back to a marina, there are even boat towing and on-water repair services, like jump starts and basic parts delivery. Check the Mariner Exchange webpage for Boat Diesel Engine Repair in Fort Myers, FL, and you can see at a glance the many marinas and marine repair services available to assist you.

This might make it sound like finding a marine diesel mechanic in the Fort Myers city and surrounding area is “no big deal.” However, it is always a big deal when a boat engine fails to perform. Captiva is only 31 miles from Fort Myers, but those three dozens miles may seem like 300 miles when a diesel engine fails. One of the issues with a marine diesel engine compared to a regular gas engine is that a diesel is a harder working piece of machinery, and when it fails, it could mean a serious problem has developed. If it is a major repair, you need to find a marine diesel engine mechanic in Fort Myers who can provide factory authorized service and parts for your brand of engine, especially if the engine is still under warranty. Before you take the risk of something going wrong, get familiar with the available local services by browsing the companies listed on the Boat Diesel Engine Repair in Fort Myers by Mariner Exchange.

The most common marine diesel engine repairs involve the fuel system, lubrication, air system and cooling system. Dirt and water that makes its way into the diesel fuel injectors will choke the combustion process or a lubricant oil line that gets clogged with thick old oil means critical engine parts are not lubricated well which can cause engine failure. Clogged air filters or a cooling system that is not cooling properly are typical issues. There you are enjoying wildlife viewing from your boat as you take a jaunt from Pine Island to Cayo Costa State Park, only accessible by boat, and your engine starts producing black smoke, runs rough, heats up or quits while on Pine Island Sound. It is not a fun way to go boating.


To avoid a forced visit to a marina outside Fort Myers, it is important to know where the best marine diesel engine mechanics are located. In fact, it is good to have several options in mind, especially if you cruise distances once on the water or trailer your boat. Naples, FL is only 36 miles from Fort Myers, for example. There are marinas and repair services available in Port Charlotte, FL (26 miles); Moore Haven (37 miles); Marco Island (48 miles); and Punta Gorda (24 miles), to name a few locations near Fort Myers. Use the Mariner Exchange search for marine diesel mechanics to quickly find marine repair and maintenance businesses in the local and surrounding Fort Myers area. Just select the diesel engine services category and input the preferred city and state.

What makes an ideal marine diesel engine mechanic able to meet your needs? It depends. Some of the best marinas in the U.S. are found in Fort Myers, Naples, Cape Coral and nearby islands. Many of these marinas offer repair services, but you can also find marine repair services off the water, like at boatyards. They provide some combination of marine diesel engine repairs, routine boat engine maintenance, boat winterization, boat haul out and relaunch, marine surveys, engine retrofits and engine rebuilds.

Many people trailer their boats to repair services, giving them plenty of options. Another option is to find a marine diesel engine mechanic who will travel to your boat. When you have your boat repaired at the dock where it is moored, it gives you the opportunity to enjoy onshore places, and this is an area filled with highly rated things to do. Imagine letting the marine mechanic work on your engine while you enjoy a gorgeous view of the Gulf of Mexico while feasting on crab and seafood at a local marina restaurant (of which there are plenty), take an eco-tour in Snug Harbor, lay on the beach at the Yacht Club Public Beach or even walk the trails in the Matanzas Pass Preserve in Fort Meyers Beach, FL, 60 acres of protected land that shelters mangrove canopies.


The first piece of advice is to check the length of time the business has been servicing boat engines. You want to find a marine diesel mechanic you can trust and has proven experience. A marine diesel engine technician can trouble shoot, repair and diagnose engine performance and systems and has state-of-the-art special tools and instruments available.

Whether looking for a marine diesel engine technician in Fort Myers, or further away in Marco Island, FL to the south or Placida, FL to the north, the mechanic needs to possess a set of skills or behaviors.

  • Can troubleshoot and conduct repairs on power train components that include marine transmissions, power shift transmissions, etc.
  • Can troubleshoot and repair fuel systems, cooling systems, generator systems, exhaust systems and relevant electrical systems
  • Has maintained up-to-date knowledge of the systems and components of diverse marine diesel engines and their attachments
  • Has high customer ratings
  • Can read and interpret manufacturer specifications and maintenance requirements
  • Has the ability to diagnose and analyze a marine diesel engine to determine the type of repairs and parts needed
  • Can provide proof of qualification to work on marine diesel engines, i.e. American Boat and Yacht Council Certified Technician or ABCY Master Technician, certification as a marine mechanic for a particular type of diesel engine (industry certifications , National Marine Electronics Association certification, recent completion of marine mechanic Continuing Education courses to become a specialist, etc.

While a Marine Mechanics Degree has a lot of value, keeping training up-to-date is just as valuable. As much as you invest in your boat, not just any diesel mechanic is suitable. You want the best to ensure you have the best time possible on the water.