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Air Conditioning, Carpentry, Detailing, Diesel Engine, Electrical, Engine Cooling/Heat Transfer, Engine Parts, Exhaust Systems, Fiberglass, Gelcoat, Haul Out, Inboard Engine, Inboard/Outboard Engine, Launch, Outboard Motor, Paint, Refinish/Varnish, Storage, Winterization


Services As an additional advantage and convenience to ensure the complete care of your boat, River Forest Yachting Centers offer a full array of repair, maintenance and special services performed by ABYC trained technicians with areas of expertise including: bottom coatings, running gear, mechanical, detailing, fiberglass, electrical, air conditioning, paint and varnish. Further details can be accessed by viewing specific categories or contracting one of our expert service departments. Hauling Capabilities State of the art machinery allows RFYC the capacity to haul vessels from 20 to 90 feet in length and weighing up to 164,000 pounds for storage, service or hurricane conditions. Our self-propelled hydraulic boat transporters are the most technically advanced in the industry. 82 US ton (164,000 lbs) and 66 US ton (132,000 lbs) ASCOM Marine Boat Lifts 66 US ton (132,000 lbs), 50 US ton (100,000 lbs), and 33 US ton (66,000 lbs) ABI Self-Propelled Hydraulic Transporters


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