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Salvage, Zincs


Annapolis Diving Contractors provides professional underwater services throughout Annapolis, Kent Island, the Eastern Shore, and the greater Chesapeake Bay region. David King, operational manager and lead diver, is a certified commercial diver with over twenty years of diving experience, including service in the United States Navy and Army. With the most complete equipment inventory in the region, Annapolis Diving Contractors is able to offer the following services: -Hull Cleaning and Inspection -Bottom Cleaning -Zinc Replacement -Propeller Sales and Service -Salvage and Towing -Search and Recovery -Pilling Removal -Mooring Installation -Slip Clean Out -Debris Removal Annapolis Diving Contractors and its divers have always followed best practices and continue to follow the guidelines detailed in the Maryland Clean Diver Pledge. Our underwater hull cleaning services meet the highest environmental standards while also greatly reducing operational costs for yacht owners. ADC also provides complete salvage services for yacht owners, marinas and insurance companies, offering rapid response time to minimize damage to the vessel and related machinery.


7310 Edgewood Road, Annapolis, MD 21403