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147 E. Becher Street, Milwaukee, WI 53207

Casey D said:


This has had to be the WORST experience ever. they quoted me $150.00 by the time I could get my boat out of there they charged me $2500.00 plus dropped my boat and left engine cover off and carburetor filter and it rained straight into engine. They also bullied us Brian and the manager. We finally had to get police over there to get our boat out of harms way. if anyone else is experiencing this maybe we can get a lawyer and take this guy to court and get damages. 414-517-9669 KC

Fred P said:


My boat was damaged during haul out. They claimed the boat was "like that", and after MUCH aggravated arguing, they performed the repair. Then, they decide my boat was larger than what was on the contract for over 6+ years, and charged me more for storage, just like that. Next, they put the boat in a part of the yead inaccessible to power and water, and claimed I had a hookup nearby, which was not true. To top it all off, parts were taken off my boat, and guess what? They have no liability of course. Not even a "sorry" or "that's unfortunate". I would recommend looking elsewhere for your storage needs. After this year I am done. It is shocking how they can stay in business.