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5801 France Road, New Orleans, LA 70126

Gina D said:


This place is great. I don't have a boat but I rented one from them. The staff where very nice and helpful. The pontoon boat was new and clean. Best day on the water I've ever had, I could not believe I was in New Orleans, the lake was so nice! If I had a boat I would definitely keep it there. Totally recommend SeaBrook!!!

Shannon S said:


This is one of the few places in the immediate area to get live bait shrimp and that's the primary business I've engaged in with this establishment. They also offer dry dock storage, cleaning services, maintenance services and all sorts of other things related to keeping your boat in good working condition. The ship store is where you get live bait shrimp and it also offers fishing tackle and accessories along with the important things like snacks, ice, drinks and beer.

Philip P said:


Nice storage and facilities, but awful hours. They do not open until 7:00am. That is just way too late for serious fishermen. They could at least open up early and sell bait early on the weekend.