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600 Riverside Dr., Essex, MD 21221 United States

D L said:


They are terrible did not communicate accurately. We felt like all opportunity and tactics to gouge us and drive price were in play. I would never never never take anything here again. Cost us hundreds of dollars and did absolutely nothing but a diagnosis. Find someone else to do your work.

Kelsey K said:


Horrible customer service, complete lack of communication and over charge for service! Would not recommend! We have had several issues with them over the years. Finally learned our lesson.

Moiz A said:


Riverside gets poor reviews for a reason. They may not be terribly overpriced as marine services go, but they finagle cash out of you once you are in their trap. I brought a boat trailer to them for some basic repairs, and they slapped me with a $500 bill because they had "to wash it and write up a repair estimate". I complained about their tactic, and they reduced the bill by $100. A good business practice would have been to advise me beforehand that I'd be charged for the repair estimate and the bath. I am the one who got soaked.