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Moyock, NC 27958

Adam W said:


To give these guys 1 star is too many! I paid them to rebuild my carbs on my evinrude v-6 because i didn't have the time & wanted to have it professionally done. I should've made the time. These guys are not professionals! The kits for rebuilding these carbs come with 3 gaskets, depending on the part # on the carb determines what gaket to use. They used the wrong ones. When i pointed that out, i got an attitide & was told that for certain they used the correct ones. Guess they don't know how to read instructions. On top of using the wrong gaskets, he put an astronomical amout of rtv, that obviously is not compatable with gasoline, on the mating surfaces to, i guess make up the difference & fill any gaps. Long story short, I am fixing their expensive screw up. It wouldn't be so bad if they accepted that I am not an idiot & admitted that they did wrong & just gave me the correct parts so i could properly fix it myself, but they are now just ignoring me. BBB will be contacted. NEVER TRUST THIS COMPANY!

Chazz S said:


My experience...Ripoff!! Called to have my boat check out. Gave symptoms. They arrived, told us they don't rebuild carbs, which they should reveal to customers beforehand, checked our fuel and left. Charged $75!!! I specifically asked on the phone the rate to come out and was told by a gentleman no charge!! I don't mind paying, I do mind being lied to! Go elsewhere!