Air Conditioning, Refrigeration


1680 Logan Ave., San Diego, CA 92113

Dan M said:


I have been working with Quality Refrigeration for 24 years. They have always been the most dependable and professional vendor in the harbor. We have done some large projects together and they have always been supportive and knowledgeable whether in Long Beach or China! They are a close knit family of people that are a pleasure to work with and I would recommend them to anyone that needs their expert assistance.

Tony R said:


The engineering group for our company has used Quality Refrigeration onboard our vessels for over 30 years. The passenger ferry service schedule we have in place sometimes will not allow us to stop during the day to attend to refrigeration issues. However when we call for service Quality Refrigeration has been there for us whenever we need them. Their knowledge of many refrigeration system is remarkable. We use them for all our shore side needs as well. When it comes to refrigeration you are sure to get Quality with your dollar