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7640 Bethel Rd, Gainesville, GA 30506

Craig G said:


Did a horrible job repairing my boat. They were supposed to disable the brakes on my trailer which they did. I guess the guy forgot to take the parts off. While I was going to Florida, the calipers fell to the ground and dragged under my boat. I had to exit 85 in downtown Atlanta to cut them off. I thought that's what I paid them to do. Then - my temp gauge stopped working after they "fixed" it. I brought it to them to replace my impeller which they did and then my temp gauge mysteriously stopped working. They swore it worked and showed me a picture of it working. Great - it worked the minute you fixed it. But when I finally got to Florida it stopped working. I tried to bring it back to them but after the owner complained that he wished I had brought it back a month ago I told him never mind. I'll find someone reputable to fix it correctly. I wish he would have fixed it right the first time and fixed my brakes properly. Buyer beware. They do shotty work and then act like your inconveniencing them if they screw something up and you ask them to make it right. Last time I checked, customer service came first for a small business. Do yourself a favor, pay a little bit more and go to a professional service place that will stand behind their repairs.