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Barnett R said:


Winterized engine in 2015; lower unit had new impeller; Pestige "forgot" to install new fuel filter. In Spring Prestige replaced fuel filter. When I started the engine for the first time, overheat alarm sounded...impeller had apparently been run dry during winterization. Prestige would not admit any fault. Impeller replaced at cost of $750 by others. During winterization in 2016, new mechanic from other company showed me teeth on engine fuel filter casing was damaged and fuel filter cross-threaded. New casing for filter installed at cost of $150. Guess Prestige created another costly problem. I would not recommend Prestige for routine maintenance and winterization.

Peter M said:


Awful experience here, I cannot stress enough how unprofessional they were. Got my car detailed by their auto service and when I picked it up I found that a knob on an air vent that had been broken in two. Immediately told them about it and asked them to replace or repair it, but they refused and said it wasn't their fault because it was "normal wear and tear". Now a $90 detail has led to $135 in repairs. Thanks Prestige! I would definitely avoid them. They used to have a lot of bad reviews on Yahoo as well for similar experiences, but I think they keep deleting the old ones. Not worth the groupon/livingsocial deal at all!

Frances N said:


Grab your motor and run don’t walk… These guys don’t know how to fix an outboard even if you draw them a diagram. I took my outboard to them three times with the same issue and each time they failed to fix the problem, finally the last time I had a mechanic diagnose the issue – the carburetor was missing a rubber piece that regulates how much air gets into the combustion mix. I dropped it off for them to replace the rubber piece that we had MacGyvered with duct tape and they STILL couldn’t fix it. Instead, they charged me $1300 (just the cost of the last “fix”). They replaced the spark plugs (and installed them improperly so neither was firing correctly), replaced the carburetor entirely (was the old one broken?) and failed to replace the rubber piece (are you kidding? That was the problem!), and then when I pointed out they failed to fix AGAIN, they accused me, a skipper of 15 years and dinghy owner for five, of not knowing how to properly operate an outboard. I had a second mechanic fix the spark plugs and let me know that I still need a rubber piece on the “new” carburetor. Can I have a little sexist, with a side of incompetence please? Run, don’t walk from this bunch, they are seriously incompetent.