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Chris C said:


Okay, so the story goes like this. 1st experience; I buy a 20' Baja that's sat and needs some work. I take it to Mark ( the owner/mechanic). I tell him to go over the entire boat and make sure everything works. He calls me several weeks later and says "she's all done" and running perfectly, "she's ready for the water". I arrive to pick up the boat and pay the bill. Once I get the boat home I realize the prop isn't on the out drive. I look around the boat and find it under the seat. I call back and ask "how is the boat ready for the water" when it doesn't even have a prop on it? I haul it back and he installs the prop. 2nd experience; 1year later I buy another bigger Baja 270. I take it to Mark and say " please, go over every inch of this boat. Make sure everything is working properly" gauges, outdrive, engine, change all fluids......everything, so I don't have any worries when I take it out. Weeks go by, several phone calls/texts finally it's done. I stop to pick it up and get " I didn't have time to check the gauges or lighting and a few other things but, she's running great changed all the fluids and ready for the water. I take her out and there's a hydraulic leak on the external steering, trim tab gauges don't work, outdrive trim indicator doesn't work. And several other minor but, annoying things that I had hope would be fixed. Later that summer something major goes wrong with the engine. I tow it back from MD to Mark at the end of September. It needs to be rebuilt, okay fine, it's the end of the season "let's do it" and fix all the gauges and everything else that wasn't fixed the first time. 7 months later, my boat has been snowed on (I had indoor storage lined up),I had to call him in November to remind him it wasn't winterized, by April I've gotten so frustrated that I'm looking for another Mechanic but of course their all swamped. He finally promises it completed by by May 2nd. That comes and goes, I call and he says oh, I thought I told you the 22nd? I look thru my texts thinking maybe I was wrong but, nope there it is May 2nd. I finally get it back and was told he didn't have time to correct the other minor issues (again). I take it out several times and then BOOM, one of the rocker arm studs breaks off. I texted him to ask if that was under warranty. I'm still waiting to hear back..... I'm off to find a new mechanic. Moral of the story, if you want your boat back in a reasonable amount of time, if you want all the items in working order when it's returned to you.....go elsewhere. I do have to say that Mark is a really nice guy however, his business practices are extremely lacking.