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396 Washington St., Weymouth, MA 02188

Andy P said:


We stopped by here to get some supplies, bulbs, tie downs, etc for my friends boat and the staff there was apamzingly helpful. They knew their product lines and parts for everything that we needed. Cool thing about this place is they not only carry boating supplies, motors, etc. but also kayaks and very durable foul weather clothing. I am impressed with this place beyond words and will be going back there the next time we hit the ocean up there for something, I know it!

Andrea L said:


Not even worth the one star. Most disappointing and frustrating experience - you would think you'll get better, honest customer service when you're spending so much money on such a huge purchase. We anticipated on receiving the boat for over 4 month since attending the New England Boat Show back in February. My dad was so excited for the fishing season. We showed up to pick up our boat and shocked it was missing the essential necessities we specifically requested and agreed upon at the show. The owner, Wally, was insultingly dishonest and didn't own up to the fact he messed up our work order. He basically didn't process the work order correctly and built the wrong boat. Can't believe he was just going to deliver the incorrect boat to us! He told us he could easily sell this boat to another customer if we don't want it (at full price probably) because he didn't want to honor the discount we agreed to at the show. He accused us of never ordering the t-top cover and any of the color request we wanted - classic bait and switch. If you're considering purchasing a boat from them, i would HIGHLY recommend you to think again. Save yourself the frustration, disappointment, disrespect and time. There's so many other options out there. I hope they don't bother attending next year's boat show since they can't deliver the correct final product.

Douglas F said:


Excellent family owned business. great place for boating and fishing supplies. Bought a Highfield dingy, trailer, and yamaha engine from them. happy with the sales and service....This place is the real deal. Perfect example of "Shop Local"

Timothy O said:


Here's another example of why you shop at a independent marine store. The helpful staff can get you anything you need. The prices are almost always less than the chain store. Bottom line is you won't be disappointed shopping at Monahans!