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11901 W Janesville Rd, Hales Corners, WI 53130

Jill H said:


Don't do it. Go elsewhere. We used MW Marine last fall for the winterization of our 2 yr old Sea Ray. First boating day this year, upon starting the engine, there was an alarm that would not stop. Took the boat back to MW. After two days on the lot I called to get status. They said our boat is next. Phone call to us on the third day telling us they forgot to re add the gear oil at winterization. We picked up the boat that night. NO ONE apologized. We noticed 10 mins later when we were backing up the boat in the storage facility, that one of the trailer lights was smashed and dangling by a wire. Took the boat right back. Asked for owner/manager. Told him the situation he said he'd have one of his guys "get right on it" and walked away. AGAIN NO APOLOGY. Service tech was efficient and replaced the tail light while we waited. When he was done HE apologized. This week we went to pick the boat up at the storage facility and again saw new oil on the floor. We got under the engine ourselves and realized the problem was that they had never re tightened the gear oil drain screw. We tightened the screw ourselves and topped off the oil. No thanks to MW. Almost a second outing ruined and who knows the potential damage to the boat. Three strikes and you're out. MW is not for me.

Rob B said:


Took our boat to have the scag replaced. When we received our boat back the boat had no battery power. So basically I got the boat back in worse shape than when I left it. I asked if something was Bumped or left on and all I got was the owner calling me a liar. He was very arrogant and rude. I blew him off and went inside and did find someone at the counter who seemed concerned. She said they will look at the boat and talk to the guy who worked on it to see if he bumped something and go from there (he was out). I clearly informed her I didn't have any more money to put toward the boat so I would need a call before anything that most money is done. The next day I got a call from the guy working on it and he asked where the switch was for the exhaust, I told him I was a work so we didn't talk long. They then called my wife and said you owe us 200 plus dollars for the diagnosis. This is money we don't have she informed the caller of the situation and what happened. She said she can have the owner talk to us. He called my wife the next day and was very rude and arrogant calling us liars, telling her we have money cause of where we live and was an overall chest pounding arrogant douche. He told us to pick up our boat and never come back. He said his employee would never have said that they would look at it at no cost but he wasn't there so he was talking completely uneducated. I feel worse for his employees if he treats his customers like this I can't imagine what they go through. I am guessing she lied and said she didn't say that cause who knows what this psycho would have done. If he would have taken the time to see I was a customer for the last 5 years spent thousands of dollars he would have figured out I was a great customer and would not have wasted time making up some story. I paid for the diagnostics which they slightly discounted and took it to a different shop. The diagnostic sheet I got stated they can't even fix it in the first place. What a mess of an organization. As I distribute this throughout social medial hopefully he learns simply being nice gets you a lot further than being an arrogant no it all that can't shut up for 2 minutes to be quite and listen to what someone has to say instead just sitting there enjoying hearing himself talk.