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2150 W. Great Neck Rd., VA Beach, VA 23451 United States

Rick S said:


The older of the two dry storage marina operations in Va Beach, Lynnhaven Marine's Botel is located on Long Creek, on one side of the Great Neck Rd bridge. The dry storage facility is able to store and handle power boats up to about 45', although the preponderance of boats stored here are under 30'. Due to its location close to the Lynnhaven Inlet and the mouth of the Chesapeake Bay, a goodly number of customers storing their boats here are fisherman --- it's maybe a 20 minute ride (no wake, most of the way) to the Lesner Bridge, and the Bay. About a fifteen minute ride the other way down Long Creek will put you into Broad Bay, a great spot for cruising and water skiing. Lynnhaven's boat handling operations and operators here run the place like a well-oiled machine, which makes using your dry-stored boat as easy as if you kept it stored in the water. Their hours of operation vary with the seasons, and in the height of summer their hours are such that it's never any problem to have your boat put in the water. But hours get a little shorter in the off-seasons, and occasionally it's been difficult to schedule a drop-in in early Spring of late Fall. But, with a little foresight, it's always worked out. This facility is also headquarters for Lynnhaven Marine's boat service operations, as well as much of their fishing boat sales operations. There is a bait and tackle shop, and a small snack shop, located here as well, so it's a one-stop-shop if you're headed out fishing. Even though it's the oldest of the Beach dry storage operations, it seems to be the best run, and, at least to the local fisherman, certainly the friendliest.

Scott P said:


Unfortunately, I didn't feel like I could trust the service department. They came up with an expensive repair that was not a problem when I brought it in. Despite hearing similar stories, I decided to try and have them do some minor repairs and they came back with issues that were not problems when the boat was dropped off. From defective batteries that they ran down and obviously didn't test to motors that they said had shorted out in the 1 day that I had left it there and needed replacement. Wish I could have relied on them as I had had good experience with the sales department and the boatel teams. UPDATE: I did get a call from someone at Lynnhaven Marine and after looking into the issue they had the mechanic contact me. He told me that there was a miscommunication and that the battery and motors were fine. So they did correct the error but I am not sure that it would have happened if I hadn't posted. I will update again if changes.