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Matt B said:


In the spring of 2015. I hired Lentze Marina to replace the exhaust risers and manifolds on my boat. Twin Chrylser 318 motors. The gaskets were installed upside down on both motors, one old gasket was not removed prior to installing the new gasket, one bolt was stripped and a spark plug was cracked. The spark plug that was cracked was right next to one of the leaks. This could have caused a fire or an explosion. After the work was done we test drove our boat. The motors were under-performing, below deck filled with exhaust fumes, our gas alarms below deck were screaming and our engine hatches were filled with exhaust. We could actually see the exhaust leaks coming from the engine. It is obvious that the motors were not run after such a major repair. This should have be done to verify the work. After discussing the matter with the marina (since that time) the marina said things that lead me to make the decision that they would never work on my boat again. So I (being an experienced mechanic) did the repair work myself. I hired them to save myself time and energy. I've asked the marina to reimburse me for the cost of their labor plus the cost of the gaskets. I've been trying to give them the benefit of the doubt and have waited this long for them to do the right thing. They have refused. I told them I would go to the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and review them online if they didn't reimburse me. Their attorney is now threatening to sue me if I do go the BBB or review them online. I have photos and copies of e-mails to show and prove everything. I have contacted the BBB and plan on taking them to court over this. It is my opinion that I would never let Lentze Marina work on my boat ever again. Plus, they won't reimburse a good customer (I was at their marina for 2 years. I paid cash on time for all my bills) for such an obvious, major mistake and they have threatened to sue me if I tell other people the truth. I'm writing this review so other people are cautious about how important work like this. The cracked spark plug and leaks could have caused a fire or explosion. The fumes leaking from the hatch and into the cabin could have made us sick or have even killed us.