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Anthony R said:


Used car salesman have more of a conscience then do phil the salesman who offered to sell me a boat only to tell me that his other partner his brother was looking for the same boat and reneged on the offer customers satisfaction number one priority nothing but lies won't waste my time with that family run business.

BILLY P said:


Just wanted to share my experience with Grady White Catalano's and Sons. I was in the market for a new boat and heard a lot of great things about Catalanos on how they go out of there way for there customers and that there personal care in customer service was excellent. I met with owner Phil Catalano who handles the sales and came to learn that his other partners are his brothers, Rob and Kevin who handle the service end and there sons also work there. Ended up buying a Grady and I have to say, they couldn't do enough for me. Anytime I call these guys they are always there. They are all passionate about what they do, respond quickly and just do what's right, hard to find today. I highly recommend Catalanos and the Catalano family!

Bjoern K said:


Excellent experience! Great communication via phone and email and a really nice team at the shop. Everyone is super helpful and not pushy at all. Also a great location and easy to get to by water or land. Catalano is our YAMAHA dealer and service center of choice.

Jim S said:


I am not sure what happened with the other reviewer but my experiences with the Catalano team were nothing short of superb. They serviced our boat for 3+ years and the work was performed skillfully, on time and with great communication. My service experience with our 27' Grady-White was positive whether it was performed in the shop or on our mooring. While now out of the western Long Island Sound area, I wouldn't hesitate to use them again for sales or service if I were to return to the area and have recommended Team Catalano to my friends without reservation.