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13400 Middle Gibraltar Rd, Rockwood, MI 48173

Jeff J said:


Terrible. Be ready to get ripped off if you go there for repair work.. they charge by the hour and of course they run into problems and it takes extra hour.. I left there was more problems then I went there with!! With $1000 bill.. much better repair placess that charge by the job not the hour!!! Went there to get my boat started because the points weren't set right and a hydraulic line leak of course they found something wrong with my lower unit they say. I just replaced it a year and a half ago. Anyways my total bill came to $1000.. Took it out on the water ran for an hour and wouldn't start again. Took it back they said it was the carburetor needed to be replaced. I had a friend look at it fixed it in five minutes just to clog float . Why couldn't they fix that ? because they would have to charge me another thousand forget this place go somewhere else trust me .