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Serhii S said:


I had terrible experience with this guys. I bought Epropulsion Spirit 1.0 Plus. And payed them 2154$. I talked for sales manager about my boat. After I checked what they sold me and I was surprised what its Shortshaft motor, but for my boat I need Longshaft. This guys dont talking about return policy, not about motor, but asked me, where you from, how long time in USA and WHERE I working... Next day after purchase I coming back to store and asked about return but they sad me NO. I dont used it and have recipe and its stay in the box. So right now I loose my money (2154$ what is big money for me), they make me nervous and I can't use this motor also... This guys they are officially dealer for Epropulsion but they also ignored Epropulsion return policy (Epropulsion say you have 30days for return) and Federal and California LAW. Last time when I talked with them they sad me, we can only take this motor back like TRADE IN, you will loose 15% from price, and its ONLY if you will buy different motor in our store. So guys you must thinking twice before purchasing something there.