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63 Saint Mihiel Dr., Delran, NJ 08075

Gordon L said:


Feb. 20, 2014 Another 6 weeks or so, all the boats will start going back in the water. Clark's Landing has a great group of people who spend many warm days sitting on the docks eating, drinking and socializing. It is a very casual atmosphere where all the boaters spend their summers. I have been at Clarks for almost 18 years. They have nice size docks and finger slips. John, who is the main marine mechanic has been there for years repairing the customers boats when needed. He has a great personality and is very knowledgeable when it comes to servicing engines and almost every other part of the boat. They are a full service marina with over 300 slips. They have a great travel lift which raises and lowers the boats in and out the water, up to about 45 ft . Brenda, who is the office manager and service writer is a great person to deal with. She is easy going and very efficient . Brenda also is in charge of assigning the slips. The summer slip prices are very reasonable compared to other marinas in the area. It is relatively quiet during the week since many of the boaters still work and are not retired. When Friday night comes around all the boat captains come down to the docks with cases of beer for the weekend. It is not a dry marina. (lot's of liquor permitted here). I call the beer motor oil for the ships captain and crew. Another nice feature of the marina is the "Castle Harbor" restaurant which is right on the marina property. They have great breakfasts and lunches and it is very inexpensive. Their food is always fresh and tasty. They make their own soups, potato and macaroni salads, pies and puddings. Jeff Kay is the general manager . He handles all the used boat sales , scheduling service, maintaining the property and the docks. He makes sure that all the customers are well taken care of. If there are any problems, just speak to Jeff and he will get them resolved quickly. It is a great place to keep your boat for the summer. motogordo

Tony A said:


They don't tell you that you can't get in or out at low tide. It needs to be dredged. I was trading my boat in for a different one. They had mine blocked in by another boat. Made me wait months to get it out, then wanted me to pay an extra storage fee on top pf winter storage or they wouldn't release it. I don't think so. They use the dock for pictures for their wedding venues. They don't belong on the docks that other people have paid to use and have their boats secured. I've seen drunks from the wedding parties climbing on people's boats. Stay away!