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14900 SE Stark St, Portland, OR 97233

Anna J said:


These guys are the champions of customer service. My boat was dead and down for the count. Of course this happens at the busiest time of the year for marine service companies and as luck would have it, at the beginning of my vacation. I called around to several marine service companies and only half of them would even call me back. The ones that did call quoted outrageous prices and 3-4 weeks turn around. Ken got on the phone and found me a replacement motor and the service team got me out the door in less than a weeks time and for over a thousand less that the next closest quote! I'll be taking my boat to these guys in the future for all my service needs! Thanks guys!

Haley W said:


Best boat repair in the Pacific northwest, as far as I have found. Ken(owner/mgr) is to boats what the CarTalk guys are to cars.

Jim A said:


Anyone who uses or plans to go to them, I would think about using someone els. I took a small motor in for someone to look at and said they would Not look at it because it was to old and they only work on new high end motors and new boats. Then they seem very disinterest in talking to me and when I asked about register my boat, one of the guy's started Ranting about how they weren't making any money on it and He walked off. I guess he felt he could not make any money on me. I guess my money wasn't as green as the next old boat motor ?

Ned P said:


Great turnaround time on my dead SeaRay, right at the busiest time of the season. Really appreciate it.