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19-11 Crossbay Blvd., Broad Channel, NY 11693

G B said:


If you're wanting to take a trip to HELL don't bother calling the devil, for all Marine services at Buster's is a trip to HELL. This business definitely deserves -5 stars. Although their website says they have been giving great customer service for 40 years it must have been the last 40 years. Our inflatable boat was there for 2+ months and never repaired. We called numerous times, left numerous messages, had numerous promises of callbacks and numerous excuses, all LIES because nobody ever called and not one promise ever kept. DO NOT FOR ANY REASON GRACE THIS BUSINESS WITH YOUR PRESENCE. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.

Marina L said:


Please just run away from this place! They will not repair your parts, but they will charge you 2 or 3 times more! I tried to repair my engine at this shop, was waiting more than month and nothing... I took back my engine not repaired and they charged me! Liars!!!

Michael P said:


I have read reviews about Buster's Marine from both sides - 1 star and 5 stars. Well, I can't speak for anyone else's experience, but my experience was nothing short of GREAT! I am in Mexico right now and my dinghy motor was acting up. I decided the problem was a gummed up carburetor. I called in the evening on Pacific time and caught Buster in his car on his way home (yes he forwarded his business phone to his cell phone). I told him I needed a carb. He told me he was driving home and could I call him in an hour. I asked if my number was on his caller ID and could he just call me when he got home. No problem.. long story short - he answered his phone while driving home, called me back when he got home, I told him I needed the carb in Arizona in 2 days so a friend could bring it with him on his trip to Mexico to go fishing with me, and he did it, and did it at a great price. He charged my card exactly the amount we had agreed on, sent it out first thing the next morning, and then called me back on Monday to ensure that I got it as promised. I couldn't possibly ask for any more. Buster's marine saved the day for me. Thank you!!!

Oleg D said:


Run from this place!!! They took my engine and was holding it for a month. After a month the engine was still not repaired. They will charge you for the parts over 200%. They did not return my engine (which was still broken, after 1 months) until I paid for repair of my old carburetor $330 (price for new one is $180). DO NOT SIGN ANY PAPERS at this shop!!! They will charge you for some extra parts!!! They are totally liars!!!