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54 Manson Ave, Warwick, RI 02888

John G said:


I have been dealing with Atlantic Boat Movers for the last two years. I have owned boats for the last 60 years. Needless to say I have done business with several marinas and boat yards. I have found this business to be the fairest, honest, and most reliable of all that I have encountered. Bill Jr is a highly trained Yamaha mechanic and does a great job. I have a fishing business and need reliable transportation for my clients. When I leave the dock I have the utmost confidence in my boat being in excellent condition after being serviced at Atlantic Boat Movers

Mike C said:


I think Bill Sr runs a tight business; very professional - they know how to distribute loads and safely move boats. However, I was storing my boat for $83/mo and at the same time had a broker's agreement with Bill Jr (standard 10%) because we were selling the boat. Sometimes I met potential buyers at the boat (my contacts) and sometimes I sent them to the boat by themselves based on my availability. I had a half a dozen 'very interested' buyers fall through inexplicably - never called me back after seeing the boat. Didn't realize what was going on til a woman called me and told me that Bill Jr was steering people AWAY from my boat - telling them it had problems. She told me that he steered her towards one of his other boats. I get it. If I sold my boat on my own, he loses the $83/mo AND the 10% commission, so he could use my legwork to get people into the boat yard and try to sell one of his boats. What he didn't foresee is that one of his fish would call me and tell me. I hope his father figures out what he's doing and corrects the behavior before he sinks the business.