Corpus Christi Outboard Motor Repair

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Outboard Motor Repair in Corpus Christi

How to find the best outboard motor repair shop in Corpus Christi

Sitting on the Gulf of Mexico, Corpus Christi is home to a multitude of boat repair shops, all of which should be capable of servicing your outboard motor needs. What can be difficult, as well as most important, is finding the right shop. The right shop is one that you trust and is able to meet your needs at an affordable price. Here are some things to keep in mind while searching for an outboard motor mechanic:

  • Consider the make of your outboard motor. Whether you have a Yamaha, Honda, Mercury, or any other outboard motor, the dealer is the best place to get it serviced, just like with a car. If this isn’t an option however, due to price, time, or location, call the customer service line and ask for their advice. Outboard motor manufacturers are motivated to keep you as a customer and that means happy and with a working motor. They will most likely have good advice regarding where else to get the services you need and knowledge specialized to their brand.
  • Do some research. Explore service shops near and far, the look of their website or store might say a lot. Read their reviews and ask other boaters or friends for their insight. A great place to start is Marine Exchange, which allows you to see the highest rated service shops in your area.
  • Look outside your immediate area. Don’t just go to the most convenient or nearest shop, do some exploring and find the right one.

Basic outboard motor maintenance

Most likely you will at some point find yourself in need of professional service, but avoiding the time and money spent doing so is the goal. Here are some basic maintenance tips to help you keep your outboard motor in the best condition possible:

  • Clean Fuel. Clean fuel will keep your engine running smooth and happy. Make sure to drain your engine of all fuel before storing it for long periods of time and fill up with fresh fuel at the start of boating season.
  • Lubricate. Lubricate all moving parts such as the shift and throttle.
  • Flush Engine. Flush out your engine frequently, especially after salt water excursions to avoid corrosion and clogging.

Saving money on outboard motor repairs

Maintenance is key and will help you stay out of the repair shops, but should you eventually end up in one, there are a few simple ways to save money.

  • Bring your own parts. Most of the time, with a little effort, you should be able to find the parts you need for cheaper than the shop will sell them to you.
  • Avoid the cheapest rates. In the long run, getting the cheapest work done will land you back in the shop sooner. Spend a little extra to get the work done right the first time.