West Palm Beach Outboard Motor Repair

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West Palm Beach, FL is one of the places that boaters in other areas of the U.S. see as a place to aspire to for boating entertainment. Located on the Atlantic coast with great weather, stunning marinas, access to places like Peanut Island Park with day-use boat slips and fishing are just some of the reasons you see so many outboard motors. With pleasant weather all year, you also see outboard motors running 12 months out of the year, including yours. Finding a quality marine mechanic in West Palm Beach, FL is essential to enjoying your boat as often as you want, and following a routine and annual maintenance schedule are two of the most important steps you can take to keep your outboard motor running smoothly. One of the most common questions though is whether you need to winterize your boat in Florida since the weather is so nice. The following pointers address outboard motor winterizing in West Palm Beach, FL.


People in cold climates have their boats winterized and stored for the winter, but what about Floridians? Is there a need to winterize the boat, including the outboard motor, in West Palm Beach? Any certified marine mechanic will tell you winterization is important no matter where you live and no matter if you keep your boat in the water, on a trailer or stored. The steps taken may differ in various areas of the country, but the principles remain the same.

  • You may be interested in knowing that GEICO and BoatUS Marine Insurance statistics indicate Florida has more claims for freeze damage than Minnesota. It is tempting to skip or postpone winterization because Florida’s weather is temperate, and that is a major reason for so much freeze-related damage.
  • Following the manufacturer’s instructions is crucial to keeping your outboard motor from freezing should the temperature dip below freezing in West Palm Beach, FL for several days. Each brand of the outboard motor may have a different procedure to follow, especially if it is a newer model. If you have lost the owner’s manual, contact the manufacturer for a replacement. A marine mechanic who is factory-certified for your outboard motor model is a good source of information. You can easily find one on the Mariner Exchange website because you can narrow your search to “outboard motor” and “West Palm Beach, FL.” A variety of full-service marine repair businesses appears that includes the local area of West Palm Beach, Riviera Beach, and Boynton Beach and an area further away, like Fort Lauderdale, FL.
  • Water freezing in the outboard motor can destroy an outboard motor. If you boat year-round, be sure to tilt the outboard motor down on the trailer after pulling it out of the water, so it can drain. Drain the water after every outing. You can eject the water that remains in the system by quickly hitting the starter.
  • Add stabilizer to the fuel system if you let your boat sit for long periods between use.
  • Use non-ethanol gas during the months when you will not be using the boat for several months. Ethanol will sink to the bottom of the gas tank after a period of non-use. Since gas and water do not mix, the gel that forms can damage an engine.

These are just a few suggestions. The specific steps you take for winterizing depend on where your boat sits during the winter months and how long you go between outings. Talk to a marine mechanic in West Palm Beach, FL because taking the right steps can save you thousands of dollars to replace your outboard motor.


Some people keep their boat on the water during the winter months with no plans to use it, while other people use the boat all year. The main point to keep in mind is to adhere to a maintenance schedule. You can do some basic maintenance, but a West Palm Beach certified marine mechanic should do the annual maintenance as a minimum. The annual maintenance includes doing diagnostics like a compression test, changing the thermostat, replacing all filters and pressure testing the lower unit with specialized gauges., to name a few tasks.

The coast of West Palm Beach up to Jupiter Beach is called the “fish superhighway,” so it is not surprising that people are using their boats in cold, chilly and hot weather. When you beach your boat at the Jupiter Sandbar or dock near Clematis Street to dine at a local restaurant, it should be for the right reason – to have fun and not because your outboard motor quit running.