Vero Beach Outboard Motor Repair

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Facing the Atlantic, Vero Beach, Florida is naturally a boating destination, but it is also a haven for boats needing outboard motor repair due to the corrosive power of saltwater. It is fine to moor a boat at a local marina, but your outboard motor needs regular maintenance to prevent corrosion. People get in a hurry and do not take the time to flush out the motor after every trip, and the result is they need to find an outboard motor mechanic in Vero Beach to salvage the engine. Outboard motor damage due to corrosion is one of the most common reasons the services of a marine technician are needed. What harm can corrosion do to an outboard motor when the motor is not flushed often enough or properly?

  • An outboard motor is cooled by water flowing via a water pump into the engine block where there are places for the water to run. Salt and sand can clog the water arteries, meaning not enough water can flow around the motor.
  • Salt trapped in the outboard motor collects against the motor’s head which corrodes the alloy structure, pitting it and making it even more susceptible to the collection of salt crystals.
  • Salt corrodes magnesium anodes. If you have magnesium anodes instead of zinc or aluminum anodes, galvanic corrosion occurs and eats up your outboard motor. Galvanic corrosion is when a metal corrodes first when it is in contact with another metal of different material. Magnesium anodes are best for freshwater boating.
  • Electrolyte corrosion occurs when a different metal comes in contact with the anode metal. An electrical current between the two different metals is created by an external source of electromotive force (RMF) causing accelerated corrosion. It is different from galvanic corrosion because it is triggered by an external source.

Saltwater that corrodes any component of your outboard motor will drive you to a marine mechanic because the motor will begin overheating. Fortunately, there are plenty of marine mechanics in the area. If the repair centers in Vero Beach are busy, Fort Pierce is less than 13 miles away. Fort Pierce is a larger city so has many outboard motor repair businesses. Mariner Exchange makes it easy to shop around for qualified marine mechanics by grouping businesses according to the general area. All you have to do is enter the service and location you are considering.


Avoiding expensive outboard motor repairs or the need to buy a new outboard motor before you are ready only requires some simple maintenance steps. You are better off sunning on your boat off South Beach Park or fishing off the Golden Sands Park than you are waiting for the marine mechanic to repair your engine due to corrosion or give you the bad news the motor is ruined. Following are some of the simple steps you can take to keep corrosion from developing.

  • Flush the outboard motor – Flush your engine after each time you use the outboard motor in saltwater. Never say “later” or “I’ll get to it when I have more time.” Flush with fresh water, letting the motor run for at least five minutes.
  • Keep moving components greased well – Grease is a barrier between the metal on outboard motor components and saltwater, and also prevents rust and early wear-and-tear.
  • Keep the surface paint intact – Chips in the paint that exposes the metal underneath are a prime source of corrosion. Always repair the paint.

If you get the outboard motor to a certified marine mechanic early enough, the engine is likely salvageable. If you cannot find a mechanic who is available in Vero Beach, call some of the high-rated outboard motor repair services in Fort Pierce, Sebastian, Port Saint Lucie or Palm Bay. You can spend your outdoor time visiting the St. Sebastian River State Park of Blue Cypress Conservation Area or just lay on the sand at Sexton Plaza Beach while an expert marine mechanic works on your neglected outboard motor.