Palm Beach Gardens Outboard Motor Repair

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Palm Beach Gardens, FL is considered one of the best boating areas in Florida. You can put your boat in the water at a public ramp or at one of the many marinas. As you head out by Riviera Beach and the Loggerhead Marina for some great fishing on the Atlantic Ocean, the last thing you want to be thinking about is whether you should have let the marine mechanic service your outboard motor. There are certainly plenty of marine technicians in Palm Beach Gardens and Riviera Beach seven miles away, making it convenient to service your outboard motor on a schedule. This is something you should not put off if you want to make sure your boating time is not interrupted by a misbehaving outboard motor. Following are some tips to keep in mind about outboard motor maintenance.

  • Always read and follow the manufacturer’s recommended outboard motor maintenance schedule. The manufacturer knows best what it takes to keep the outboard motor running smoothly and to avoid problems like fuel system issues.
  • The rule of thumb is to have your outboard motor serviced every 100 hours of use. The 100-hour maintenance routine include tasks like an oil and filter change, changing the gearcase lubricant and changing the water pump. Running outboard motors, or any engine for that matter, in saltwater subjects the equipment to problems like corrosion which can develop quickly.
  • If the outboard motor is new, it is a good idea to have it serviced after 30 hours of use. Conscientious boaters get 20-hour maintenance. Many people skip this maintenance step, but it is important to let a marine mechanic run diagnostics, change the oil and perform other maintenance tasks. Depending on the warranty requirements, there might be a requirement to have the outboard motor serviced to keep the warranty effective. If you do not have an hour meter on your boat, it is a good idea to keep one. Most people are not good at tracking boating hours when it requires keeping a log.
  • Get your outboard motor serviced every 100 hours, as mentioned, and definitely at 300 hours of use. The 300-hour maintenance schedule does all the routine servicing plus some additional services, like looking for corrosion in unsuspecting places, checking thermostats and greasing the prop shaft.


You need to break in your new outboard motor before going too far out into the ocean. Try cruising up and down the coast near Palm Beach Gardens, past places like the John D. MacArthur Beach State Park, the Seminole Golf Club and Juno Beach. You have a view of the beautiful coastline and the Atlantic Ocean. This gives you an opportunity to see if the outboard motor is going to develop any early problems. The rule of thumb is to use the motor for at least 10 hours before deciding it has been tested enough. Following are a few tips the marine mechanic would be happy to share.

  • Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for breaking in the new outboard motor, even if you have experience with outboard motors previously owned because each manufacturer will have different instructions
  • Warm the outboard motor in idle the first time it is started for up to 10 minutes
  • For the first hour, it is a good idea to keep the outboard motor running at under 2,000 RPMs to give the components time to lubricate and for components to seat
  • For the first hour, run the outboard motor at varying speeds while keeping it under 2,000 RPMs
  • For the first eight hours, avoid running the outboard motor hard
  • Use only good quality gas that has a maximum ethanol content of 10 percent (E10)

One more thing to remember. Even new outboard motors breakdown, despite following all the advice for the break-in period. Select and meet a marine mechanic who can satisfy your needs before the first time you crank the new outboard motor. It is like an insurance policy you can get your outboard motor maintenance and repairs done as soon as possible as a recurring customer. A resource like Mariner Exchange is very useful for quickly finding a mechanic in your area. Once you break in your outboard motor, you are ready to enjoy all the Palm Beach Gardens, FL waters suitable for your boat size.