Boynton Beach Outboard Motor Repair

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Most outboard motors last 10-15 years, and many have a longer lifespan. A lot depends on how well you follow a maintenance schedule and how quickly you address problems that develop in your outboard motor. A Boynton, Beach, FL marine mechanic is your boat’s best friend when it comes to getting the most life out of your engine. Some routine maintenance you can do yourself, but things like annual outboard motor maintenance, repairs requiring diagnostics and specialized tools and winterization are things the outboard mechanic in the Boynton Beach area needs to take care of. Unfortunately, there is often a tendency for some boatowners to ignore problems or not follow the manufacturer’s advice for maintenance in the false belief that they are saving money. If you want to know how to shorten the life of your outboard motor, then do the following.

  • Never change the spark plugs, fuel filter or oil filter until the engine either quits, loses power or struggles to keep operating
  • Run your outboard motor without water in your backyard while it is on the trailer (yes, people do this)
  • Never check the fuel lines for cracks or signs of wear
  • Starting the outboard motor after it has been sitting a long while without doing routine maintenance first, like replacing spark plugs, checking the condition of the fuel or checking the oil level
  • Never winterize the outboard motor when even one unusual freeze is predicted in normally balmy Boynton Beach
  • Never letting a Boynton Beach, FL marine mechanic do annual maintenance or trying to do it yourself without the right knowledge, skills or tools
  • Never spraying a corrosion blocking oil on the motor, even though you run the boat in saltwater, or ignoring indications of corrosion
  • Not checking the propeller for a tangled fishing line at the end of each trip, letting the fishing line work its way into the propeller seal

If you want a sure way to ruin your recreational time on the boat, do everything wrong. Any marine mechanic in Boynton Beach, FL can tell you stories of boaters stranded in the Atlantic Ocean and what feels like far from home at places like South Palm Beach or Delray Beach. Seven or 10 miles seems like the other side of the planet when trying to get a dead outboard motor running again while on the water, especially when it is getting dark.


The best time to find a marine mechanic is not after the outboard motor has signs of living a short life. The best time is before you think about pulling away from the dock at Boynton Harbor Marina or pulling away from the boat ramp at Oceanfront Park in nearby Ocean Ridge, FL. What qualities should you look for in a marine mechanic?

  • Look for certifications which are usually from the American Boat & Yacht Club (ABYC) as a minimum. ABYC certification is a generalist certification, plus there are ABYC specialty certifications. Quality mechanics also have factory-authorized certification, meaning they have specialized training to work on specific outboard motor models.
  • Always check online for customer reviews of the customer service and repairs or maintenance completed. A resource like Mariner Exchange has listings for marinas and boat repair businesses with reviews. People today do not hesitate to give honest reviews.
  • Check out areas close to Boynton Beach, FL if the local marine service shops are backlogged. There are over 190 options when you look further out, like in Boca Raton, West Palm Beach, Deerfield Beach and Riviera Beach, to name a few. Fort Lauderdale, FL is about 30 miles away, if you look even further out because you are looking for something specific in the way of services, like a mechanic who will travel to your boat.
  • Talk to people at the marinas that offer outboard motor and repair services. They may be busy now, but if you are shopping for a marine mechanic before you need one, then getting on their customer list is a great idea. You could let them check out your outboard motor as soon as possible, thus starting a working relationship.

It takes some due diligence to ensure your outboard motor makes it through a normal lifecycle or longer. There are outboard motors that have worked for decades with no sign of quitting. When you ask the boat owner what they did to keep it running smoothly for so long, the answer is routine maintenance and quality repairs. Boynton Beach, FL is a great boating community, but only if your outboard motor is working!