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Say to someone in Austin, TX, “Let’s go boating,” and it is easy to imagine a day of fun on one of the destination lakes in the area: Lake Austin, Lake Travis or Lady Bird Lake or even a trip on the Colorado River, depending on the size of your boat. One of the most reassuring features of this city is that you can easily find a boat diesel engine repair and maintenance facility in Austin, TX, so you can be always ready for a boat launching or cruise at a moment’s notice. Investing in a marine engine maintenance contract is usually the safest way to go, especially once the factory warranty runs out. Regular boat maintenance keeps your marine diesel engine in good running condition at all times and minimizes the risk of getting stranded or incurring a major repair expense. Marine engine service contracts give you peace of mind because labor rates are set in advance, original parts are provided whenever possible and certified and/or experienced marine mechanics do the repair work. You can reduce the lifetime cost of maintaining and repairing your diesel engine. The final annual contract cost depends on the type of diesel engine and systems covered.


You may be able to troubleshoot some common marine diesel engine problems, even if a non-mechanic. Some of the problems include low power, engine will not start, black or white smoke emissions, engine overheating and low oil pressure, to name a few. However, troubleshooting is only for when you are unable to reach a marine diesel engine technician in Austin, TX and are hoping you can make it back to a marina, boat ramp or even the docks at a place like Mozart’s Coffee Roaster on Lake Austin where you can call for help.

The reality is that most engine problems need professional diagnosing and repairs by an experienced marine mechanic at an authorized warranty repair facility, and Mariner Exchange has made it easy to find a marine diesel engine mechanic in Austin, TX. Even if you are able to fix a simple problem while on the water, once you make it back to the dock, it is important to have a professional mechanic troubleshoot the problem all over again. It is common for one engine problem to be the result of several developing issues. Many a boater got lucky with their short-term repairs, but no one should depend on “luck” to keep an expensive boat engine running. It is highly recommended that you find a certified and experienced diesel engine mechanic in Austin, TX you can rely on and who gains familiarity with your engine.


When you need to find a marine diesel engine mechanic in Austin, TX, what should you consider in the way of services? A lot depends on the type of boat and its age. Some businesses offer every kind of service - marine engine repair, installation of new systems and electronics, maintenance, winterization, engine replacement and complete engine overhaul. You need to consider whether the diesel engine mechanic will come to you or if you have to deliver your boat for repairs. There are service facilities in Austin, TX and nearby places like Leander, TX and Canyon Lake, TX, so you have options. Ask if the mechanic uses OEM parts or aftermarket parts. There are high quality aftermarket parts for boat diesel engines, but you want to know exactly what you are buying so there are no surprises or misunderstandings.