Newport Boat Diesel Engine Repair

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Boat Diesel Engine Repair in Newport, RI

Though Newport, RI on Aquidneck Island is called the “Sailing Capital of the World,” it could be any type of boat the diesel engine is serving – cabin cruiser, fishing boat, sailboat – you name it. But either way, a diesel is a diesel and needs routine maintenance and repairs. When repairs exceed the boatowner’s skills, it’s time to find a qualified marine diesel engine mechanic who understands the intricacies of the diesel engine and will provide honest, reliable and efficient services.


Every boat owner keeps fingers crossed that maintenance and repairs stay within a reasonable amount in terms of cost. The final cost depends on factors like the type of repair needed and whether the mechanic must drive to the boat to diagnose and make repairs versus the boat owner delivering the boat to the marine repair facility. Is it a minor repair, routine maintenance, annual winterizing or spring recommissioning or a complete or partial engine overhaul or total rebuild? You may easily spend a total of $1,000-$1,500 buying fluids, filters and other basic items for do-it-yourself maintenance throughout the year. A total engine rebuild costs an average of $11,000 and often runs more. For the kind of money you invest in your boat, it’s wise to use a skilled certified marine diesel mechanic, like those found at places listed on the Boat Diesel Engine Repair in Newport, RI Mariner Exchange page. They can ensure any work beyond the basic do-it-yourself maintenance is done correctly.

Other factors affecting the cost include the type of diesel engine, whether or not the engine needs diagnosing before repairs can start and the particular parts needing replacing or repairing. Diesel engines are complex pieces of machinery, and the cost of the repair technician’s time can add up as quickly as the cost of parts and components. That’s why it’s so important to utilize one of the many expert marine repair services in the Newport, RI area, and you can find numerous marine diesel mechanics near you. The closest marina with a repair shop is located in the Newport Shipyard which has a contractor on site to cover repairs. No need to haul the boat onto land in most cases, but a 500 ton, 200 ton or 100 ton travel lift can safely haul your boat out of the water, if necessary. Newport Shipyard is in the heart of downtown Newport too, and it doesn’t get any more convenient than that.


Fortunately, you have plenty of boat ramps in and around Newport, so you can easily pull a smaller boat out yourself to deliver to a marine facility or for launching after a boat diesel engine repair is completed. They include the Fort Adams State Park ramp; Bannister’s Wharf ramp and the Sail Newport ramp in Newport, RI. There is also the Jamestown Boat Yard ramp and the Conanicut Marina ramp in Jamestown, RI, only a few miles from Newport. You can also find highly rated marine engine repair companies in surrounding cities and towns that, beyond Jamestown, include Portsmouth, RI, North Kingstown, RI, Bristol, RI and more. A good place to do an easy search of diesel engine repair services is on the Mariner Exchange Boat Diesel Engine Repair in Newport, RI. Check out the page of results that supply the company name, location and link to a website when available.

There are some general guidelines to follow when selecting a marine repair business. Take the time to read any online reviews of the business that people have posted. People are brutally honest today. Look for a business that has one or more American Boat and Yacht Council (ABCY) Certified Technicians on staff, but verify the certifications are current by contacting the business. A good place to start is by searching for marine services businesses that are members of the ABCY and are most likely, though not guaranteed, to have an ABCY Certified Technician on staff. They are easily found in Newport and surrounding cities within a 50-mile radius that include Somerset, RI; Portsmouth, RI; North Kingstown, RI; Buzzards Bay, MA; Duxbury, MA and many others. Search the Mariner Exchange Boat Diesel Engine Repair in Newport, RI page and narrow your initial search by looking for the ACBY symbol.


It’s no fun being dead on the water, so routine maintenance is important. Though some work should only be performed by a certified marine diesel mechanic, it’s important you learn basic maintenance tasks and keep an eye out for developing problems. Basic tasks include things like changing fuel system filters a couple of times a year, changing the oil every 50 hours of boating time and looking for signs of corrosion in the engine compartment. Any issue you aren’t comfortable assessing needs the attention of a marine diesel mechanic.

When replacing parts yourself, only buy marine parts from an authorized dealer for your brand of boat. You can use Mariner Exchange to find marine diesel mechanics and marine diesel engine dealers near you. Even if you choose to do your own engine maintenance, consider using a certified marine mechanic in Newport, RI or the surrounding area when it’s time to winterize the boat and relaunch in the spring. A technician will perform necessary steps to keep your boat safe through the seasons and can do an engine check to make sure everything looks good and runs efficiently.