Savannah Boat Diesel Engine Repair

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Boat Diesel Engine Repair in Savannah, GA

Some places are just ideal for boating, and Savannah, GA is famously one of them. There are multiple waters snaking through the coastal city and outlying areas, giving boaters a chance to experience marshlands, deep creeks, rivers and the Atlantic Ocean. To ensure the boating is always fun, always keep in mind that finding a high-quality marine diesel mechanic is an essential ingredient for a recipe of enjoyable cruising and sailing.


Some of the most popular destination spots are in Georgia – Savannah, Hilton Head, Tybee Island, Ossabaw Island and so many other beautiful locations. As you cruise about the area on rivers that include the Savanna River separating Georgia and South Carolina, the question of where to find Boat Diesel Engine Repair may seem like something to think about later. That works until your hardworking diesel engine decides to quit on the Ogeechee River or Wilmington River. Suddenly that stop at the Fort McAllister Marina to enjoy fine dining becomes a mission to find repair services or the smooth cruise becomes a slow hopeful ride to reach a hoist at Hogan’s Marina.

Finding a marine diesel engine mechanic doesn’t have to be a difficult task. For starters, you can visit the Boat Diesel Engine Repair in Savannah, GA services page by Mariner Exchange. Since Georgia borders South Carolina in the south, you can conveniently research marine mechanic services in both states, like Savannah, GA and Dataw Island, SC. It’s tempting to wait too long to get developing boat engine problems diagnosed and corrected because no one likes interrupting their boating season fun. That’s usually a mistake. The four critical diesel engine systems are lubrication, electrical, fuel and the cooling system. The interesting fact about a diesel engine is that one loose belt, one missing O-ring or a small leak in the fuel injection lines can lead to a major engine catastrophe. That’s why it is so important to get what may seem like a minor issue repaired quickly.


Once you recognize it’s time to select a diesel engine repair service, the next step is determining the marine repair service that is most qualified to work on your particular engine. Some marinas in and outside Savanna on the intracoastal waterways have onsite repair services or access to a network of contractors. It’s certainly easier and nicer to get repairs completed when you are docked at a marina like one on the Skidaway River, GA or in nearby Thunderbolt, GA, compared to being stranded with no power. While your boat engine is repaired, you can tour one of the many scenic Savannah Historic Districts, turning a disappointment into an enjoyable time.

The top three points to keep in mind when selecting a marine mechanic qualified to work on diesel engines are:

  • Whether the marine mechanic is certified by an organization, like the American Boat and Yacht Council (ABYC) or the National Marine Electronics Association, or by the manufacturer of the type and brand of engine needing repairs; the marine diesel mechanic should be authorized in some way to work on your engine brand if you want to keep your marine engine warranty in effect
  • The length of time the business has been operating and the reviews posted online by previous customers
  • The ability of the repair service to reach the boat and provide what is needed in terms of resources, i.e. offers travel time, haul and launch services, diversity of services that meet needs, etc.

Since Savannah, GA is on the border of South Carolina, you should also be familiar with nearby Marine Diesel Engine Repair in SC, especially if you cruise the Atlantic coast. For example, a common boat cruise is Savannah, GA to Hilton Head, SC, an approximately two hour trip one-way. Should you need unexpected parts or repairs, it’s good to know where the nearest help is found.


The marine diesel engine is built to work hard and stay tough, but it has needs in terms of routine maintenance. Ignore them at your own peril. It’s one of the main reasons boat owners choose a Boat Diesel Engine Repair service in Savannah, GA that can ensure the major systems are kept in good condition. Maintenance involves doing routine things like changing fluid filters, but it also means being able to recognize signs of developing problems that could lead to major repairs down the road – or should we say down the Savannah River which runs 200 miles from Augusta, GA to Savannah, GA.

There are two things to keep in mind concerning marine diesel engine maintenance. First, carry essential tools and spare parts, like fuel filters, impeller, marine lubricant and oil, and hoses and belts. Second, perform routine inspections and follow a recommended maintenance schedule for your marine diesel engine. However, if you find yourself short of parts or knowledge, most of the Savannah area marinas have common parts and supplies or they know where to get them. Some of the top marinas providing a variety of services include Coffee Bluff Marina, which has a boat hoist rated for up to 20,000 pounds, and Hogan’s Marina with 25,000 lifting capacity and two overhead monorail hoists able to handle up to 16,000 pounds. This is useful if you need to transport your boat for maintenance.

Some of the most popular businesses with marine mechanics include the Boat Diesel Engine Repair services in Savannah, GA that are listed on the Mariner Exchange webpage. You will find some do it all - routine general maintenance, overhauls, repairs, engine surveys, parts sales and installation, delivery services, load bank testing, sea trial and general troubleshooting. So the bottom line is this: If don’t know how to do basic marine diesel engine maintenance, find a reliable marine mechanic to do it all. It’s the only way to ensure smooth cruising or sailing.