Jacksonville Boat Diesel Engine Repair

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Boat Diesel Engine Repair in Jacksonville, FL


Some places are just prefect for boating and Jacksonville, FL is certainly one of them. Located where the St. Johns River flows into the Atlantic Ocean, you can boat to your heart’s content in a boater’s haven by cruising the river, going waterskiing in Mill Cove or enjoying some great fishing off Jacksonville Beach on the coast. The one thing you do not want to do is experience engine problems and find yourself losing precious boating time to search for a marine diesel engine mechanic in Jacksonville, FL and waiting for an emergency repair. Following a recommended diesel engine maintenance schedule minimizes the chances of this happening.


Whether you have a fishing boat, cruiser or sailboat diesel engine, it needs routine maintenance and a thorough annual checkup. The marine diesel engine and related systems are designed to be robust, so it is tempting to think it is invincible and needs only minimal maintenance, can wait for the annual checkup or does not need winterization. That is a perspective that will surely cause a lot of headaches while on the water, or it may even leave you waving down another boat for help.

Fortunately, there are many boat diesel engine repair services in Jacksonville, FL offering maintenance services and maintenance contracts. Some are found near marinas on places like Fort George Island, Blount Island, Fleming Island, Fernandina Beach and Julington Creek. However, you will also find businesses with experienced marine mechanics in the city of Jacksonville and in the suburbs, like Orange Park, FL and Yulee, FL. Only 40 miles south of Jacksonville is St. Augustine which also has a number of boat diesel engine repair businesses. It is one of the advantages of boating in this area. You can search the Marine Exchange Boat Diesel Engine Repair site, enter the preferred location and select a marine service that meets your needs.


All marine diesel engines need repairing at some point, but there are best practices that will minimize the risk of experiencing a major problem.

Find and regularly utilize the services of a certified marine mechanic who will use only manufacturer authorized parts and will develop familiarity with your particular engine.

Do not skip scheduled maintenance because you think your marine diesel engine does not need maintenance since it is operating without problems at the moment.

Get familiar with the locations of various marine diesel engine services in several of your favorite boating areas. Do you frequently cruise the Intracoastal Waterway and begin the trip in the Mayport fishing village; regularly visit Exchange Club Island; or head north up the coast to Little Talbot Island State Park or south to Ponte Vedra Beach?

Use the services of a marine diesel engine business that is thorough when it comes to periodic maintenance and is honest about items that should be reported to the marine dealer or distributor. A great periodic maintenance schedule includes checking the fuel system, lubricating system, cooling system, air intake and exhaust system and electrical system. Some tasks within these categories need attention daily or every 50, 250, 500 or 1,000 hours. Many boatowners do not know which items fall within each frequency category, and that is why problems develop. For example, the lube oil level should be checked daily, while draining water and sediment from the fuel tank needs to be done after 50 hours and then every 250 hours.

Let a marine mechanic do a thorough assessment of your engine annually and winterize your boat if stored or idled through some months of the year, and follow through on recommendations. Skipping the expense of replacing minor parts can lead to big repair issues. Boating is fun, but what is not fun is finding yourself on the St. Johns River between Green Cove Springs and Palatka with a dead engine.

Sometimes, despite all efforts, you will need boat diesel engine repair in Jacksonville, FL. It is not problem finding a qualified marine service on the Boat Diesel Engine Repair in Jacksonville, FL on the Mariner Exchange website, including some employing mechanics with American Boat and Yacht Council (ABYC) certification.