New York City Boat Dealership

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New York City surprisingly has boat dealers directly in Manhattan - an example being MarineMax at Chelsea Piers. Typically though, the greater New York area has more dealers and is likely where you’ll end up in your search. North of the city in places like Rye and Larchmont, there will be plenty of dealers, but Long Island has the most by far. If you keep your boat at a marina, chances are that the marina has a dealership, but if not then the staff should be able to point you in the right direction. Before even making that inquiry, it would probably be best to consult the manufacturer website. Every manufacturer has a dealer locator on their website and you can easily track down the one closest to you. Once you’ve narrowed down the boat dealers you’re considering, you’ll want to do some online research on them and read reviews from previous customers. Ask friends where they bought their boat from as well. Greater New York boating also includes Connecticut and New Jersey, so if you are looking for boat dealers in those areas, then go to the Mariner Exchange Dealership Search Page and enter in your location to search for boat dealers near you.


  • Last year’s model is great too: You can save a lot of money by buying last year’s model that the dealer is trying to get rid of. Of course, this won’t have the latest and greatest from the manufacturer so you need to decide what’s important to you.
  • Boat shows are a great resource: If you go to a boat show like the New York Boat Show, then you’ll have a great chance of meeting the right boat dealer for you. Rather than doing all of the online research, you can just see all of the dealers side by side and compare them. You are also likely to get a good deal since they will be trying to move their inventory and take advantage of having access to so many boaters at once.
  • Service is critical: If you want to make your life easier, then make sure the dealer you buy from can actually service your boat. Typically, they do and they’re mechanics are certified by your hull and engine manufacturer, but it’s always good to confirm. This will be critical for any warranty work you want done during the first several years you own the boat.
  • Research on the manufacturer website: You’ll want to know roughly what you’re looking for when you walk into the dealership. This way, the dealer can be more helpful in finding you a boat that actually suits your needs. You also want to have an idea of a budget that you’re willing to spend and stick to it. The manufacturer website will give you all of the specifications of the make and model and corresponding motors so that you can enter the dealership armed with the knowledge you need to make the right purchase.
  • NY boating season is seasonal, buy in the winter: From October to February, there really won’t be much going on for these dealers and they’re eager to offload inventory that they didn’t sell during the boating season. This will give you the opportunity to get a discount that you won’t have during the season when demand is high.
  • Sea trials are a great way to get a feel for the boat: Make sure the dealer you’re working with will allow you to do a sea trial of the boat. There is no better way to make sure that it will suit your needs.
  • Proximity: Find a boat dealer close to where you will be keeping your boat. This way, they can address service issues quickly and you won’t have to spend all the time and money to haul the boat back and forth. This is critical during the warranty period.


  • Manufacturer expertise: They will know the manufacturer of the boat better than anyone else. They will know how far you can stretch your budget and still get the accessories and features you want for that particular model. They also are aware of customization options that you otherwise would not know about. Remember, boats are not like cars - they don’t roll off an assembly line. Boats are built one by one which introduces a lot of nuance into the construction process.
  • New boats come with less headache: Used boats can often have a long list of service requirements and parts that need to be replaced. Buying new can alleviate that hassle and give you a clean slate to start from. Also, it will be covered by warranty for the first several years you own it.
  • Warranty handling: The dealer will handle warranty issues on your behalf and maintenance will be covered because they are certified by the manufacturer. This can make repairs a lot less complicated.
  • Customizing your new boat is easier: Given the dealer's direct relationship with the manufacturer, they can order you a custom boat that has everything you need if the demo boat isn’t cutting it.
  • The financing process is usually easier: They will have pre-existing relationships with marine financing companies so you’ll be able to take care of the loan the same day. Often, you’ll be able to get the loan right on the spot.