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Carpentry, Carpet, Detailing, Refinish/Varnish, Waxing


Westwind Yacht Management has remained the premier yacht maintenance company serving the San Francisco Bay Area yachting community for more than 30 years. We have established ourselves as the industry’s standard of excellence for the quality of service for your yacht maintenance needs. We will custom tailor a program to your specific needs and budget. Because Westwind is a leader in the industry for “Green Cleaning”, you can be comfortable knowing that not only will your yacht be maintained to the highest level, but the impact to the San Francisco Bay will be minimized. We will protect your investment as well as your sailing and boating environment for generations to come. While we have a variety of services, our focus is on washing and cosmetic maintenance. We also provide waxing, varnishing, interior cleaning as well as carpet cleaning servoces. Our goal is to not try to do many things well but rather do some things exceptionally. As a yacht management company familiar with the industry, we are also happy to provide experienced direction and management for additional service companies such as divers, engine repair, electronics repair and installation, systems repair and installation as well as fiberglass and gel coat repair. While our crews are experienced and knowledgeable in many areas of yacht maintenance, unlike many in the industry, they work exclusively in their position. That means our detailers detail, our washers wash and our woodworkers work on wood. What does that mean to you? It means they are great at what they do. It means that if you need a detail, you are getting someone who does it every day, not a few days a week. It means the person who is washing your boat is not only familiar with your boat, but also familiar with how you like things done. It means when its time to have your varnish done, you get a full-time, experienced woodworker, not a part-time waxer...part-time varnisher. Westwind has full Liability Insurance, State Workers Compensation Insurance and a State Contractors License for woodworking (619656)


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